Mueller Urges Judge Rejection

PUBLISHED: 6:44 AM 16 May 2018
UPDATED: 5:15 PM 16 May 2018

Mueller Urges Judge To Reject Hearing On His Office’s Leaks

Mueller is urging a judge to reject Manafort's request for a hearing on government officials leaking damaging information to the media.

Mueller is begging a judge not to grant a hearing on leaks.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is begging a federal judge to reject a request from Paul Manafort for a hearing on government leaks to the media, according to Bloomberg. Mueller is losing it, and his argument is utterly ridiculous.

Manafort, who briefly served as President Donald Trump‘s campaign manager during the 2016 presidential election, wants a hearing on the historic leaks of information against him to the media.

Manafort says the leaks from the government and Mueller’s office have played a role in disparaging his character and could have a major effect on the case against him.

In February, Mueller’s grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia, indicted Manafort on a slew of tax and bank fraud charges. Manafort argues the charges against him are well-beyond the scope of Mueller’s job description, which is supposed to find so-called collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election.

Manafort has asked the judge to identify and punish government officials or those in Mueller’s office who disclosed information about Manafort to media outlets, such as CNN, NBC News, The New York Times, BuzzFeed News, and others.

Mueller called Manafort’s claims “speculative,” which is insanely odd given it is a verifiable fact that secretive information continues to leak to the media.

Earlier this month, a list of 48 questions Mueller provided to Trump’s legal team was leaked to the media, which ignited a firestorm over what the special counsel wants to discuss with Trump. It’s just one of many, many cases cited in Manafort’s request for a hearing on historic leaks against Trump and those who worked for him.

Mueller, who was appointed just over one year ago, has a specific job description outlining what he is supposed to be investigating: alleged Trump-Russia collusion.

If Manafort broke the law by committing bank fraud, tax evasion, or any other provable crimes, many would agree he should face those charges and have his day in court. But that has nothing to do with Mueller, his office, or why he was appointed. In fact, the charges are from supposed activities years old.

Why is Mueller charging Manafort for crimes completely unrelated to alleged Russia collusion? Is he tryng to salvage his reputation? Fat chance of that. These alleged crimes took place years before the 2016 election, which is well-beyond Mueller’s job description.

Mueller and his team of anti-Trump, left-wingers are spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to carry out their witch hunt, and they have brought nothing forward to even warrant the continuation of their investigation.

After a year of investigating, there’s zero evidence of collusion or any crimes related to Trump, however, there is plenty that Mueller, Rosenstein, and Comey need to answer for. Manafort has every right to request a hearing on government leaks aimed at impugning his character.

Mueller begging a judge not to grant a hearing on leaks speaks volumes. Since the judge recently blasted Mueller’s unfettered power, the decision in this matter will most likely be another blow against the corrupt set up.