Trump Targeted, Clinton Forgiven

PUBLISHED: 4:12 PM 10 Apr 2018
UPDATED: 5:31 PM 10 Apr 2018

Mueller Investigating $150k Donation To Trump Campaign, Not $25 Million To Clinton Foundation

Mueller's office is investigating a small donation to Trump's campaign, while outright ignoring $25M sent straight to Clinton.

Mueller is investigating a small donation to Trump and not the massive donation to the Clinton Foundation.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt is now investigating why a Ukrainian businessman donated $150,000 to President Donald Trump’s charity but is disregarding the businessman giving $25 million to the Clinton Foundation, according to The New York Times.

In August 2015, Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk donated $150,000 to Trump’s charity after he gave a 20-minute speech at a European conference.

The Times alleges that Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, told Doug Schoen, a political consultant for Pinchuk, that Trump would make the speech in exchange for a speaking fee.

Buried deep in the Times report is the fact that Pinchuk also gave between $10 million and $25 million to the Clinton Foundation in 2016, which was at the height of the presidential election.

It gets even better: he also allowed Bill and Hillary Clinton to use his private jet in 2011 to travel to Los Angeles, California for the former president’s 65th birthday party.

The Times hardly mentioned that Schoen worked as a political consultant for Bill Clinton years ago. He also helped arrange at least a dozen meetings with Clinton’s State Department and Pinchuk between September 2011 and November 2012 to discuss Ukrainian politics.

So Mueller is leading a witch hunt into a $150,000 donation to The Trump Organization. There is no evidence to support claims it influenced policy, which is especially true given Trump was a private citizen at the time.

But Mueller is not investigating why that same Ukrainian businessman gave the Clintons up to $25 million in 2016, which was just prior to the election that Hillary Clinton was heavily favored to win.

Pinchuk let the Clintons use his private jet and worked closely with the State Department when it was being led by Clinton — a clear sign he was trying to influence American policy toward Ukraine.

Given Clinton was leading the State Department, she had the power to do just that — which is why Pinchuk lobbied her.

Mueller apparently doesn’t care about that, and this as another example of his determination to attack Trump and give Clinton a complete pass.