Mueller Investigated!

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 22 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 5:31 PM 22 Oct 2018

Mueller Investigated For Framing Tennessee Man

Mueller is implicated in the frame up because he was Director of the FBI at the time.

Robert Mueller has been implicated in a Tennessee investigation concerning the framing of a man for an alleged plot to take over the Monroe County Courthouse.

In what may turn out to be the nail in Robert Mueller’s coffin, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) is investigating him for allegedly framing a man on gun charges.

The TBI has confirmed that Mueller is accused of the act as his role as the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Director. Basically, Darren Huff was convicted of a ‘plot’ to take over a courthouse, despite proof that no such thing occurred.

To most people, the entire incident smacks of Obama-era control, like using the IRS to target Tea Party groups, since Huff was an Oath Keeper, and the events surrounding the case are highly questionable.

In audio tape, a conversation between Walter Fitzpatrick, who is a witness against Mueller, and TBI special agents Jerry Spoon and Mark Irwin, plus another TBI officer, Fitzpatrick describes his claim that Darren Huff was fraudulently prosecuted by Mueller’s FBI for the crime of “carrying a firearm in interstate commerce with the intent to use it in a civil disorder.”

The case made headlines for the supposed right-wing plot in 2010, to take over a courthouse in Monroe County, Tennessee. Huff, who is an ‘Oath-Keeper’ served time for the alleged plot.

The Post and Email reported on the incident at the time:

Huff was sentenced in May 2012 to four years in federal prison for what could be considered a “thought crime…

On April 20, 2010, Huff traveled to Madisonville, TN, the county seat of Monroe County, to attend a court hearing for CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), who on April 1 had attempted to carry out a citizen’s arrest on Gary Pettway, the Monroe County grand jury foreman. Pettway did not acquiesce to Fitzpatrick’s demand that he turn himself in to authorities, and Judge Carroll Lee Ross directed sheriff’s deputies to arrest Fitzpatrick instead.

Fitzpatrick had uncovered deep corruption within the Monroe County Criminal Court after discovering that Pettway had been serving in his position for at least 20 years, later confirmed as 28 years. Huff was present at the citizen’s arrest and also charged with several crimes by the county, eventually pleading “no contest.”

While the county claimed in indictments issued against both Huff and Fitzpatrick that Pettway was “a juror,” Tennessee Deputy Attorney General Kyle Hixson now claims that the foreman is not, and has never been, a juror in a discrepancy which has not been reconciled.

Huff had been stopped and questioned on his way to Madisonville by Tennessee Highway Patrolmen and, upon their suggestion, locked his legally-owned firearms in the toolbox attached to the back of his pickup truck before proceeding into town, a fact confirmed by the Knoxville News Sentinel.

Like many others, Huff was not permitted to enter the courthouse to observe the hearing and therefore patronized a restaurant across the street with an acquaintance, former Marine Sgt. William Looman, who spent the rest of the day with Huff before parting company that evening to return home.

Monroe County officials made no arrests, despite the presence of between 100 and 200 local, state and federal law enforcers, including a SWAT team and bomb-sniffing dogs, all of which turned out to be unnecessary.

Ten days later, without provocation, Huff was arrested by federal authorities while driving through Knoxville, TN and charged with “carrying a firearm in interstate commerce with the intent to use it in a civil disorder” and a second firearms charge.

Of Huff’s arrest, News Sentinel reporter Jamie Satterfield wrote:

The Southern Povery Law Center (SPLC), which acts as an adviser to the Obama regime, erroneously reported that Fitzpatrick was “a leader of the far-right American Grand Jury movement” and conducted the citizen’s arrest in that capacity and that Huff had planned “an armed takeover” of the Monroe County courthouse for April 20.

Ideological supporters of the Obama regime often quote the SPLC in their forums. One of them, William L. Bryan of The Fogbow, made an apparent admission that he had called in reports to then-Madisonville Mayor Alan Watson that Huff and Fitzpatrick had planned to “take over the courthouse” by violence.

Fitzpatrick has confirmed that another Fogbow member sent Monroe County Criminal Court Chief Clerk Martha M. Cook flowers as a gesture of appreciation for her cooperation with the plot to incriminate Huff and Fitzpatrick in the dragnet.

Bryan is reportedly working as an insurance professional, or navigator, for the Obamacare effort. Other cabal members continue to disseminate propaganda about Huff and Fitzpatrick.

In response to Satterfield’s contention that “Prosecutors Mackie and Jeff Theodore alleged Huff told others he intended an armed takeover of the courthouse and was only thwarted by the massive police presence . . .” the eyewitness told her, “These were the statements of William L. Bryan, AKA, FOGBOW, AKA P. J. Foggy. Bryan never appeared at trial to give testimony or be cross examined.”

The day of Huff’s sentencing, WBIR TV reported that “The attempted takeover never actually materialized,” although mischaracterizing the reason for the attempted citizen’s arrest of Pettway.

In 2011, the state of Tennessee released a training program terming Huff and Fitzpatrick “sovereign citizens,” a term also used by the SPLC. The training program was placed into use the summer prior to Huff’s federal trial in October 2011.

Huff told The Post & Email that he was misquoted in media reports and spoke of “taking back” the grand juries and courts for the people, not “taking them over.”

Tennessee mainstream media reported that the law which Huff was convicted of violating “has never been applied in the federal Eastern District of Tennessee in modern times and, if case law is an indication, rarely, if ever, nationwide in recent history.”

The “eight or nine other militia groups” referenced in an affidavit signed by FBI Special Agent Mark Van Balen was a false claim. In the affidavit, Van Balen indicated that he was not an eyewitness to the events in Madisonville, but rather, relied on others’ reports and perceptions.

Over the last several years, Fitzpatrick has contacted numerous eyewitnesses of the April 20 event, some of whom traveled to Madisonville from out of state. A dozen have provided sworn, signed affidavits that no one was seen carrying a gun that day in the vicinity of the courthouse and proof that Huff was not located where the FBI claimed he was on April 20, 2010.

The U.S. Department of Justice refused to release any documentation pertaining to the event, which Fitzpatrick has termed “the Madisonville Hoax,” citing “privacy” concerns.

Now, the TBI is investigating the entire debacle and many people want to know whether there will be justice for Huff.

U.S. citizens now know that the Obama administration used the IRS to illegally target conservatives. His administration was rife with scandal, including hiding information from FISA courts and using spies to infiltrate the Trump campaign and try to entrap young members into doing something illegal.

Voters also know that Obama’s Justice Department used a dossier that was funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC as a possible ‘insurance policy’ in the event President Trump won the White House.

Therefore, many people agree that Huff could have easily been set up, and if he was, everyone involved, including Robert Mueller, should face justice.

Mueller is not new to putting innocent people in jail. In the 1980’s, four innocent men were convicted, three of them to death, even though an informant told the FBI that they were not guilty.

“In 2007, a jury awarded more than $101 million in damages to the surviving men and their families.”

Many people hope Huff will be exonerated for his supposed ‘plot.’