Mueller, Comey Plot

PUBLISHED: 7:06 PM 10 May 2018
UPDATED: 8:10 PM 10 May 2018

Mueller, FBI Consulted Comey Before June 2017 Testimony

Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit and the emails were released showing that the FBI collaborated with Comey before his testimony.

Mueller and the FBI consulted with Comey before he presented testimony before the Senate. In doing so, they likely coached him, helping him avoid answering for his actions.

As the Robert Mueller special investigation continues to drag on, it looks more and more like President Donald Trump was correct when he claimed that there was a conspiracy against him.

In a shocking revelation, Judicial Watch received emails that showed former FBI Director James Comey was advised to consult with Mueller before giving testimony on claims of ‘Russian collusion’ to congressional committees. In fact, he did consult the special investigator prior to his June 2017 testimony, and emails show that he was coached by both Mueller and the FBI prior to providing that testimony.

James Comey served as the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from September 2013 until May 2017, when President Donald Trump used his executive power and dismissed him.

The emails, just released to Judicial Watch, show that officials at the Bureau advised Comey to consult with Mueller, the special counsel running the investigation, before testifying in front of congressional committees on the topic of ‘Russian meddling’ in the 2016 campaign season.

According to multiple reports, Comey met with Mueller in person before the end of May, more than a week before he delivered testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Sources close to the issue even stated that Comey’s opening statement and testimony were coordinated with the head of the ‘special investigation.’

The text of an email sent on May 19, 2017, at 4:11 p.m., shows that then-FBI Chief of Staff James Rybicki advised Comey to speak to the special investigator before giving any statement to the Senate or Congress.

The email was sent to a number of FBI employees, and while many names from the email were redacted, a handful remained.

In particular, the email, a draft version of a message later sent to the ex-Director, showed that it was sent to FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich, former FBI General Counsel James Baker, and others.

The draft version of the email to ex-Director Comey recommended a number of things.

Firstly, the ‘executive management’ of the FBI suggested that Comey should use his lawyer to deliver any message concerning acceptance or declination of invitations to testify before elected officials.

Secondly, they recommended that he have his counsel arrange the timing of any appearance before the various committees.

Thirdly, they said that they, and the FBI’s Office of General Counsel were ready to discuss the extent of his institutional privileges and prerogatives concerning any testimony he had to deliver.

The draft version of this email, which was obviously circulated among the FBI’s ‘executive management’ before being sent to Comey, was written, at earliest, on May 19, more than a week AFTER James Comey was fired from his position at the government agency.

According to Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, this shows clear evidence of collusion between the fired Director and the FBI, who provided him with friendly access to taxpayer-funded legal advice that assisted in preparing his anti-Trump testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Fitton continued, saying that this collusion helped Comey to misuse FBI records as part of an ongoing vendetta against the President.

It certainly seems like that’s the case.

Generally, once someone leaves an organization, they no longer have access to the counsel provided by that organization.

Once dismissed, Comey had no right to utilize the ‘free’ legal advice of the FBI’s lawyers. Technically speaking, the time they spent providing him with legal advice was essentially stolen from the taxpayers.

Instead of doing their jobs, these high-ranking executives spent their time on crafting a politically partisan attack against the President.

It’s impossible to know what instructions Mueller gave Comey. However, it is strange that he would provide advice to the former Director before he provided testimony to elected officials.

It seems like Mueller could, conceivably, have helped to determine what he would and wouldn’t tell the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Perhaps he even had some hand in helping Comey decide to spend his time in front of the committee talking about his ‘record’ of an alleged conversation between himself and the President, as recorded in a memo he wrote after-the-fact.

The Mueller investigation has dragged on for months, but turned up no sign of ‘collusion’ between the Russian government and President Donald Trump’s, while costing taxpayers more than $9 million.

However, the investigation has revealed government corruption, dishonesty on the part of officials who ran powerful agencies, and perhaps worst of all, the willingness of government elites to cover for each other.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this newest revelation concerning collusion between Comey and Mueller, though the mainstream media will likely respond with continued indifference. It seems like every passing week unveils new lies by Comey or others involved in the investigation.