Morning Joe Taunt

PUBLISHED: 11:41 PM 24 Jan 2018

MSNBC “Morning Joe” Challenged Trump To Fight, Now Dating Former Wife

He previously said he wasn’t calling Trump a ‘sexual predator,’ but then proceeded to imply it.

The ridiculous comments from the television hosts are incredibly childish.

Morning Joe, with everyone’s favorite co-hosts Joe and Mika, are taking Trump-bashing to a new level. Their recent guest was former CNBC colleague Donny Deutsch, who hosted a show called The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch from 2004 to 2008.

Deutsch, a Democrat and frequent contributor to “Morning Joe”, continues to rail on and on about Trump, saying he’s known him for 20 years and is a “sociopath”. Deutsch has joined Mika and Joe in their incessant medical diagnosis of the President, saying he’s not the same guy as before and that in his “medical” opinion, you can absolutely tell that something is wrong given Trump’s “look in his eyes, speech pattern, and his frightening behavior.” He has also described Trump as “physically disgusting”. All three of them are fairly certain that Trump is mentally deteriorating.

Deutsch has been openly critical of President Trump, taking every chance he gets to say how bonkers Trump is. Deutsch even challenged Trump to an old-fashioned schoolyard fight last summer! Deutsch even went so far as to compare Trump to creepy Harvey Weinstein: “Like our president, everything is about him, how it affects him. I’m not calling our president a sexual predator, but there are a lot of parallels in the psyche of these two guys.”

Actually, there are many similarities between Deutsch and Trump. They both grew up in Queens, both went to the Wharton School for business training, and both are gazillionaires. Deutsch took over as chairman of his dad’s advertising agency; ten years later, he sold it in 2000 for $245 million.

Could Deutsch have another reason for all the Trump bashing? Yes, he actually has two reasons. First, he is getting ready to launch a new show called DONNY! on the USA Network. He plays a thinly veiled “fictional” character who is wealthy, an ad-man, a TV personality, and a single dad. Sound familiar?

The other reason may be an even better one. Deutsch is apparently dating President Trump’s second ex-wife, Marla Maples. The two are apparently in the early stages of dating, according to famous New York gossip column Page Six. Deutsch and Maples were spotted at the Polo Bar in New York having dinner. Gawkers said it was their first or possibly second date and Maples looked amazing.

Maples was married to Trump for six years in the 1990s; they have a daughter, Tiffany, now age 24. Maples never remarried after she and Trump divorced.

Marla Maples was famous for being the “other woman” in Trump’s life. They met in 1989 and carried on a highly public affair while Trump was still married to Ivana, his first wife, and mother to Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric. A 1993 shooting incident on the Long Island rail involved a passenger shooting and killing six other passengers. Although Donald Trump was not on the train, he says the shocking incident made him realize that he needed to make an honest woman out of Maples. They married that year and had Tiffany that same year as well.

Ivana Trump even wrote about Marla in her memoir, saying Marla Maples approached her while she was still married to Donald, asking Ivana, “I’m Marla and I love your husband. Do you?” Ivana says she knew that day in 1989 that her marriage to Donald was over. Marla, a Georgia native who is the epitome of Southern belle charm, was not so ladylike that day. Ivana describes the encounter as “so unladylike I was in shock!”

Interestingly, Trump and Maples are about as opposite as you can get, but Marla has said that it was church that first drew her and The Donald together. They would often both attend Marble Collegiate Church on Fifth Avenue in New York. It’s actually where Donald and Ivana married.

In a Vanity Fair interview, Maples talked about her Baptist upbringing and said that she “never had respect for anyone who didn’t honor their marriage vows.” Ummmm….ok!

But Maples is known for an even more famous quote, splashed across a New York tabloid with the headline that Trump was “the best sex I’ve ever had.” More than 10 years later, Maples said in an Access Hollywood interview that she had been misquoted.