Baby Killers Charged

PUBLISHED: 9:27 PM 27 Sep 2018

Mother And Girlfriend Charged With Murdering Infant After Crime Scene Was Staged

They allegedly killed the young child and then called the police pretending that someone had broken into their home and kidnapped him.

Authorities in Natchitoches, Louisiana recently testified against 23-year-old Hannah Nicole Barker and 26-year-old Felicia Marie-Nicole Smith for allegedly collaborating with one another to murder Barker’s infant child, who was later identified as Levi Cole Ellerbe (pictured above).

Earlier this year, law enforcement officials in Natchitoches, Louisiana received a call about two intruders who had broken into a local home and kidnapped a 7-month-old baby. The officers promptly searched the area and found the discarded infant, who was severely burned and later died in the hospital.

Disturbingly, upon investigating further, the local officers, who found inconsistencies in the story that had been provided about the child’s disappearance, determined that the attack scene had been staged. 

Consequently, they have since arrested the child’s mother and her girlfriend for allegedly working together to kill the boy by pouring gasoline on the him and then burning him to death, leaving many to wonder what sort of unnatural freaks would commit such a ghastly act against a seven-month-old baby when other people try their whole lives to have children.

Specifically, officers with the Natchitoches Police Department recently arrested 23-year-old Hannah Nicole Barker and 26-year-old Felicia Marie-Nicole Smith for allegedly collaborating with one another to murder Barker’s infant child, who has since been identified as Levi Cole Ellerbe.

According to reports, Barker had originally called 911 back in July and claimed that two strangers broke into her mobile home, sprayed her with pepper spray, and kidnapped Ellerbe.

In response to her call, officers with the local police department searched the area and found the child’s badly burned body about an hour later after receiving a call about a nearby fire.

The infant was then rushed to the hospital in critical condition, where he later died from the second- and third-degree burns that covered over 90 percent of his body.

Several days later, Barker and Smith were placed under arrest after detectives concluded that the crime scene was likely staged and that no kidnapping had actually occurred.

The detectives also noted that they failed to find any traces of pepper spray and had noticed that Barker did not show any signs of pain, redness, or swelling typically associated with being pepper-sprayed.

Apparently, Smith is believed to have taken Levi from their home to a wooded area, where she then doused him with gasoline and lit him on fire. After doing so, she then headed over to her job at IHOP as if nothing happened, which many would say is utterly evil.  

In court, Lt. Jeremy Swisher of the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office testified, quite disturbingly, that Smith told investigators Barker had gone to the restaurant where she worked at earlier in the day and supposedly asked her “if she loved her enough to do anything for her, even if it meant going to prison.”

After making this request, the official with the fire marshal’s office explained that Smith then asked Barker to kill Ellerbe.

In response to the request, Barker purportedly refused at first, but eventually agreed.

According to Swisher, Barker, who had been described by others as a “compulsive liar,” had initially tried to shoot the child to death but couldn’t because the gun she was using reportedly jammed due to a bullet that was loaded backward.

When that failed, Barker then allegedly told Smith that she wanted the baby burned “until he was bones.”

Sadly, it’s not entirely uncommon for children to be harmed or killed by others.

For example, earlier this month, deputies with the Autauga County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama arrested 32-year-old Danielle Nicole Martin, 26-year-old Joshua Daniel Martin, and 58-year-old Vickie Seale Higginbotham on charges of child abuse after finding a 13-year-old child chained up inside their home while responding to an anonymous tip about a child possibly being harmed.  

To make matters worse, investigators reportedly learned after investigating further that the child had also been allegedly forced to sleep inside of a dog crate at night.

A few weeks before that, officers in Arizona arrested 40-year-old Sharron Dobbins and charged her with “felony child abuse” for allegedly using a Taser to shock her 16-year-old son in an attempt to get him out of bed.

Several days prior to that, Georgia officials placed 25-year-old Bahari Shaquille Warren under arrest and charged her with “two counts of child cruelty” for reportedly ramming her car into a pole intentionally to reportedly try and demonstrate to her two children in the car that “God is real” and would ensure that they were kept safe.

And before that, Illinois officers arrested 37-year-old Rolando Ortiz and charged him with “first-degree murder” for allegedly murdering his two-year-old son with a kitchen knife because the infant had supposedly been making too much noise while he was trying to sleep.