PUBLISHED: 9:09 PM 27 Oct 2017
UPDATED: 9:48 PM 27 Oct 2017

“More Deaths Mean More Business:” Liberal Librarian Notices “Support” Flag & Speaks Out

Alena McNamara sent this letter.

Alena McNamara sent this letter.

Alena McNamara sent this letter.

Alena McNamara is a librarian at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She, like so many liberals, seems to be easily offended. After seeing a flag flying at a local funeral home, she lost it and wrote them a scathing letter.

The flag read “We Support Our Police” which McNamara jumped to interpret;

“In this context, your flag is saying: We are fine with police murdering Black citizens, because more deaths create more business for us as a funeral home.”

Her October 15th letter to Brasco & Sons Memorial Chapels tells the funeral home what they are doing to black people in the neighborhood;

“That is a terrifying statement to make to our African-American neighbors in Belmont. It is also a ghoulish public statement to fly on your flagpole.”

She even goes on her Twitter account to brag, multiple times, about the letter and to encourage others to “just bury them in Nice Polite White Neighbors Concerned About Their Racism’s Effects On People.”

The owner of the chapel, Wayne Brasco confirmed that he did get the letter. He had no idea how to respond but explained that he flies the flag because he has family that are police;

“How do you respond to that? I don’t know what to say. To me, it’s crazy.”

Crazy seems to be all that can be said when McNamara claims;

“I will note too that there is absolutely no evidence that police are in any greater danger on the job than, for instance, nurses or garbage collectors. Replacing your flag with one that said, ‘We Support Our Nurses’ would create a much more positive image.”

This jsut screams crazy.

This just screams crazy.

Mr. Brasco is correct, there really is no response to that.

Source: Blue Lives Matter