Monkeypox In England

PUBLISHED: 9:11 PM 10 Sep 2018

Monkeypox Arrives For The First Time In England

An infected person from Nigeria has caused a containment nightmare.

Monkeypox (pictured) was never seen in the U.K. before.

It is not unreasonable to say that some of the most dreadful illnesses known to man are spreading misery all over the world in 2018. Ebola is ravaging parts of the Congo again, yellow fever has been on the rise on some areas, the Black Death has come back from the Dark Ages to haunt mankind, and now ‘Monkeypox’ is posing a threat, as the Daily Mail has confirmed.

The virus related, as its name implies, to smallpox, was a containment nightmare last night for health officials in England. The “potentially deadly African virus” was found in a person from Nigeria, and reports indicate that monkeypox has never before been found in the U.K.

There is currently no vaccine or cure for the “bug,” which kills up to 10 percent of people it infects. In other words, open borders are basically bringing death to the British people.

Just the same, the diseased person flew right into the airport undiagnosed. Those who thought that life-threatening illnesses are checked for in 2018, when people arrive from risky areas may have reason to rethink their stance in light of this report.

Monkeypox is not all that unlike Ebola in that it is carried by animals and easily passed to humans via the “handling monkeys or eating inadequately cooked meat.” Also, like Ebola, spittle, handling an infected person’s items, or touching the skin of a sickened person can transmit the illness.

Large, unsightly welts appear on the skin of the infected patient and the sufferer can expect a fever, chills, and a headache, as well. The welts can appear anywhere on a person, including on their faces.

Those working for Public Health England are “in the process of contacting people who sat near the Nigerian on the flight, who is being treated in ‘strict isolation’ at the Royal Free Hospital in North London.”

Many people recognize this as a problem of unvetted migration, and argue that a complete physical check should be done on all immigrants. However, it cannot be done on illegal immigrants who bypass proper channels.

Many experts agree that if this matter is not addressed with science as the deciding factor and the whims of political correctness continue to control immigration, it could only get worse.

As it stands, the fact is that a new disease has been introduced into England. Until it is known how many people were contacted by the infected person, it will be hard to define just what “contained” means in this case.