PUBLISHED: 10:24 PM 26 Jan 2017

Monica Lewinsky Makes Remarkable Announcement About Baron…And Chelsea Clinton Agrees

Barron Trump was the subject of cyber bullying after the inauguration

Barron Trump was the subject of cyber bullying after the inauguration

Liberal US citizens protest and claim to fight to protect the rights of the most vulnerable, they do not seem to comply with their own rules. Donald Trump’s youngest son was subjected to a barrage of social network teasing and several famous people spoke out to defend him.

Controversy with Barron Trump, the president’s youngest son, continues. In recent days a screenwriter for Saturday Night Live was “indefinitely suspended” from her post after a controversial tweet. On this occasion, Monica Lewinsky also came out in defense of the small heir.

All children need to be protected from bullying and teasing, including Barron Trump, “Monica Lewinsky said in her Twitter account Monday.” Let’s be better than that, “continued her tweet in support of the current US president’s son. Monica Lewinsky, a former White House veteran known for a scandalous relationship with former President Bill Clinton, is now a social activist who fights bullying. So she did not hesitate to raise her voice to the wave of comments and memes directed against Barron after the opening ceremony.

Monica Lewinsky then and now

Monica Lewinsky then and now

Barron Trump became an object of ridicule across social networks mocking his behavior during the inauguration of his father. On Friday, a screenwriter on the popular “Saturday Night Live” comedy show published a cruel tweet in which she joked that the child would be “the first home-school shooter,” after which she was fired by NBC.

Most users criticized Rich for these words, while there were those who demanded to fire the scriptwriter. There were also people who joined the mockery. The taunts against the son of the American president happens at the same time as the demonstrations against President Trump are ramping up. In other words, while Barron Trump was being subjected to harassment, on the same weekend numerous demonstrators protested against possible harassment of women and sexual minorities by the new Trump Administration, even though in America one cannot be accused of committing a crime before it occurs.

Among those who came out in defense of the ten-year-old boy was the daughter of the Democratic presidential candidate and the 42nd president of the United States, Chelsea Clinton, who said Barron “deserves the opportunity to be a child.”

Now-famous tweets about Barron Trump being cyber bullied

Now-famous tweets about Barron Trump being cyber bullied

While most internet users were in agreement with ‘former first daughter of the country’, there were also several users who accused her of hypocrisy for trying to change the subject and embarrass Donald Trump. Several people pitied the same Chelsea who also was a victim of ridicule when his family lived in the White House during the presidency of his father, Bill Clinton.

Interestingly, Lewinsky also came out in defense of SNL scriptwriter Katie Rich, and said “Online teasing is not the answer either. Katie has apologized, comedy is an imperfect science (Trust me!). ”

Amid the tug-of-war controversy surrounding Barron Trump, the White House issued a statement Tuesday reiterating its unwritten rule that the presidential children are off limits, but did not cite a particular incident or mention any of the children of Trump by name.

Everyone knows presidential children are off limits

Everyone knows presidential children are off limits

“It is a long-standing tradition that the children of presidents have the opportunity to grow out of political attention. The White House hopes this tradition will continue and we appreciate their cooperation in this matter,” the statement said.

When a Twitter user mentioned to Lewinsky that Malia and Sasha Obama were targeted by racist remarks during their stay at the White House, the White House ex-intern tweeted that “it was not good either.”

In recent days, Hillary Clinton’s daughter Clinton also came out in defense of her younger son Barron Trump, “Barron Trump deserves every child’s chance to be a child,” she wrote on Twitter.

Social media exploded with ridicule for Barron Trump during the inauguration, especially when Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich, ridiculed the child online. Rich’s tweet, which was sent in during President Trump’s inauguration, was widely criticized on social networks.

Rich ultimately removed the tweet as well as deleting her Twitter account, which was the ultimate tell, like an admission of guilt. However, she then reactivated her account this past Monday in order to issue an apology.

She was then suspended indefinitely from SNL for her writing. Lewinsky has used her fame after the infamous Clinton years to advocate for a safer social networking environment. She has spoken out against online harassment and public dishonor during a speech on the TED Talks platform in March 2015 and has since launched a line of emoji and anti-intimidation GIFs.

Lewinsky, who has been teased and harassed mercilessly after her scandalous relationship with former President Bill Clinton, joined Bystander Revolution in 2015, an organization that seeks to combat bullying. Lewinsky has 138,000 followers on Twitter, and her message was followed by 1,500 hearts, in addition to having been re-tweeted more than 500 times.

The tumult surrounding ethics and morality never seems to end. The same liberals whose heart bleeds for every marginalized human being on the planet – that means everyone who is not a white man – have a reflex for spewing green projectile and ramping up the public humiliation for anyone who represents Trump or the victory that trounced their beloved Hillary.

Shamelessly, they will tear into a ten-year-old Barron Trump like so much carnage on the side of the road because the liberals are buzzards who know nothing but living off the work and success of others.