PUBLISHED: 9:36 PM 24 Aug 2016
UPDATED: 10:47 PM 24 Aug 2016

Mom Sees SICK Thing Teacher Gave Her Child, Sends “Special” Message Back

The Response She Sent To Her Son's Teacher

A mom in California discovered unsettling news of what her son has been taught in his seventh grade class. She’s upset, and she has every reason to be.

When Tara Cali went to open up her son’s history textbook to help with his homework, she noticed the lesson was all about Islam. For the actual homework assignment, students were asked to write down the “Pillars of Islam” and “Islamic Beliefs and Rituals.”

That’s not all though. There was even a code students could scan with their smart phone to hear a Muslim prayer in action.

Cali wrote an epic message back to the teacher on the actual worksheet. She was tremendously upset, and rightly so. Her son is being indoctrinated with Islam. Learning about other cultures is fine, but when a homework assignment is dedicated to learning Muslim prayers, something is wrong.

In the message, Cali wrote “My son will NOT be a part of this in any sort of way.” Furthermore, she said that “This is bad teaching material that he will NOT partake in.”

After uploading the worksheet along with her response on Facebook, the photo went viral. Heated discussions have erupted all over the web.

The Response She Sent To Her Son's Teacher

The Response She Sent To Her Son’s Teacher

She ended the letter with “If you have a problem with it, call our lawyer.” On Facebook she told her friends and family that this is a lesson in standing up for what you believe in, even when others attack it.

It appears that the public education system in Bakersfield believes that teaching Islam, while leaving out all of the atrocities within, is acceptable for students of all ages. Yet, the same schools that are now teaching Islam have outlawed Christianity from the curriculum.

It’s to the point that if a teacher even tries to mention Christianity as another option, they’d most likely end up being sued by the entire education system along with a handful of other liberal groups.

Tara Cali’s son was asked if he ever received homework assignments for Christian lessons. He said he hadn’t even seen it in his entire history book.

We’re willing to bet that the reason he can’t find a lesson on Christianity, is because it isn’t there. Literally thousands of lives are taken every day in the “name of Allah.” Yet it is being taught ahead of the values of Christ now.

Cali took a stand against the liberal establishment and is helping to do her part. We salute her for fighting the good fight. Cali wouldn’t comment further, but said she wanted to let everyone know that she is a part of Silent Majority Patriots. She encouraged anyone interested in taking a stand to visit the website and join.

In the end, Cali surely took a much needed stand against the liberal lie that Islam is simply “misunderstood.”