Gross Meteorite Mistake

PUBLISHED: 9:49 PM 24 Jan 2018

Mistaken Meteorite Created Crater, Truth Is Human Waste

They wouldn’t touch it because they thought it might be from outer space

The Meterological Society is likely very disappointed.

There are times that the news of the day is simply revolting, though terribly interesting. Other times, the news of the day causes us to look skyward in awe at the mysteries of the universe. It is rare that both happen at one time, though this certainly what has happened when something strange came out of the sky in India.

AOL News has humorously written that the “sky is appalling” as those residing “in Haryana, India thought they had made an alien discovery this past weekend only to learn the visitor” was a massive amount of human waste being rained down upon the Fazilpur Badli village. What was thought to be a meteorite has”been identified as human excreta dumped by an aircraft,” according to Vivek Kalia, estate officer of the Haryana Urban Development Authority.

It came out of the sky, sounding exactly like an airplane,” admitted a man known only as Balwan who owns the land where the find was dropped.

He added, “Before I could ascertain what it was, it landed in my field,” the Indian Express reveals.

This “exotic item” attracted many with curious minds. There were left “believing it to weigh between 17 and 22 pounds based on the crater it left in the ground.”

Initially, we thought it could be ice, but it was not melting. So we figured it must have some kind of chemical in it,” said Govind Singh who AOL calls “a local head of government.”

Common sense did prevent this from being an ever grosser story since those tending to the object feared that it may not be safe to handle, so they did not. Instead, they called authorities, a move that in hindsight is surely what they are happy to have done.

I received a call at 9 a.m. from (Singh), who told me that some ‘ice’ seemed to have landed in the fields,” admitted inspector Karan Singh. “It looked like ice even to me, but I alerted higher officials and called in the crime team and a senior medical officer’s team to the spot for investigation.”

The mystery brought scientists from the India Meteorological Department and AOL writes that “as it turds out,” waste can freeze solid as it barrels down from the skies, which is what led to its strange appearance.

The strangest part is that only ten days ago, the Indian government issued “a warning to airlines that any companies caught emptying their toilets mid-air will be fined approximately $784.

This means that, somewhere along the way, the message was flushed. Now it remains to be seen what is going to be done about as many in India are no longer interested in watching the skies, but hiding from it.

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