Deadly Carjacking

PUBLISHED: 8:33 PM 14 Jun 2018

Missouri Mother Shot By A Carjacker Loses Her Life

The young mother was shot to death in front of her young children

The police were heartbroken to see what really took place as a mother was slaughtered needlessly in front of her children.

The crime of carjacking is nothing new. Back in the days when horses filled the streets, horse thievery was common, which is one reason why so many people were armed. In a heartbreaking case, a Missouri mother was slaughtered by a criminal animal in front of her three small children, AOL News reported.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch confirmed also that Porsha Owens, 28, was doing nothing but “loading her kids, RJ, 8, Hailee, 4, and Haiyden, 3, into her white Dodge Charger” around seven in the morning when Mark L. Haywood came at her from behind. The alleged killer waited until she turned around to shoot her in the back. She told her children, “I’m sorry, I think I’m about to die” as she succumbed to her wounds.

The 18-year-old attacker pulled his shirt over his face so that Owens could not see his face and then he made demands that she hand over both her keys and her purse.

She tried to comply, but democrats have succeeded in creating a disdain for life among a certain sector of the population. He shot her for no reason.

But, the murderer could not figure out how to start the car that he was attempting to steal, he ran from the scene. He left Ms. Owens to languish and die in front of her kids.

Owens was a fighter and had the will to live. She staggered to a nearby house to get help. Sadly, she was pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later. WFMY News has learned that the oldest child, only 8, had the wherewithal to keep his siblings together and safe during the incident.

He went to hold her and he said she looked up at him and said, ‘I’m sorry. I think I’m about to die,” recalled Keon King Owens, the victim’s grieving cousin. “She didn’t have any chance. It apparently happened so quickly.”

It did not take long to find and arrest Haiyden. On Wednesday, he was charged “with second-degree murder, first-degree robbery, and two counts of armed criminal action.” In a video, the victim’s mother said that she was very happy that they captured the person who had taken her strong daughter from her.

A GoFundMe page has been set up (here) so that kids may have a brighter future than would otherwise be after such a travesty.

It is not known why the killer could not start the car, it could have been the button ignition. Regardless, at 18 years old, Haiyden had found that a young mother’s life wasn’t worth anything more than his desire for the vehicle that he clearly knew nothing about.

Hopefully, his fate will be a dreary prison cell, where he will get to mull that over hour after lonely, agonizing, hour, for the rest of his wasted life.