MS Flag Redesign

PUBLISHED: 5:18 PM 29 Jun 2020

Mississippi House Votes To Remove ‘Rebel’ Symbol From State Flag

So, the matter is solely in the hands of the state’s senate.

The bill now moves to the state senate. (Source: Today YouTube Screenshot)

On Sunday, the House legislative body in Mississippi voted for a bill that calls for removing the state flag and redesigning.

The reason for the change is because of the Confederate battle flag it features.

Just the News reported:

The 91-23 vote means that the state Senate will now decide on the matter.

Republican Gov. Tate Reeves has indicated willingness to sign legislation if it reaches his desk, according to Mississippi Today, though the outlet reported that the state executive had not taken a firm stance on the issue of altering the flag.

“The gallery of the Senate broke out in applause when they heard that the House had passed the flag bill,” the Clarion Ledger reported.

Mississippi is the last state in the union with the Confederate symbol on its flag.

The move comes amid a nationwide focus on issues pertaining to race following the May 25 death of George Floyd in Minnesota.

President Trump has publicly come out against the idea of renaming military installations that carry the names of Confederate leaders. NASCAR has banned Confederate flags at its events. Statues and monuments around the country have been either removed, defaced, or in some cases, toppled by protestors.

Many experts argue that the move to eliminate history is the first step in creating totalitarian rule… led by globalist leftists, and they warn that Christianity is next.