PUBLISHED: 11:04 PM 4 Aug 2016
UPDATED: 12:11 AM 5 Aug 2016

Minority Student Attacked By Entire College For Supporting Trump, Asked To Resign

BLMThe Black Lives Matter group has claimed another person’s job. This time they targeted the vice president of the Student Government Association at the University of Houston. Rohini Sethi has been removed from her position all because of a Facebook post.

In addition to being removed from her position, Sethi has been banned from participating in any Student Government Association activities, attend diversity workshops, AND write a “letter of reflection” explaining why she was wrong. All of this was because she posted on Facebook “Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like #AllLivesMatter.” Angry Group

You’re kidding me right? This has to be some sort of a sick prank, because there is absolutely no way that someone should be punished that severely for simply EXPRESSING HER OPINION. You know, that first amendment RIGHT that everyone has?Bill Of Rights

 Why is it that with every single one of these Black Lives Matter cases, freedom of speech is completely ignored? Sethi is allowed to speak her mind. She didn’t say anything racist or derogatory towards blacks. All she did was seem to point out that the name Black Lives Matter seems kind of exclusionary. Just look at the name. Why do only Black Lives matter? Isn’t that kind of racist in itself?
Going off of the lack of Freedom of Speech, this movement has proven that you cannot say anything remotely bad against them or they will label you a racist. This is true of everything that the liberals stand for.

The Federalist says it perfectly. They list off the groups that you cannot offend. They include racial minorities, women, gays, immigrants and muslims. It seems like if you speak bad about any of these groups, the liberals will label you a racist, sexist, and any other “-ist” term.


Freedom of Speech Doesn’t Apply to Everyone Apparently

On the other side, they list the people who for some reason are not allowed to be offended. They include whites, Christians, men, and conservatives. Tell me again how that is completely fair? Oh right it isn’t, but the left is going to do what they can to make it seem like it is.
This is an unfortunate situation that Sethi has found herself in. And it should never have happened. All she did was express her First Amendment rights. She didn’t threaten anyone. She wasn’t racist towards anyone. She simply stated her opinion. And this movement has cost her a vice president position with her student government.
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