Minnesota Somali Community Gets $18 Million

PUBLISHED: 12:49 AM 14 Feb 2018

Minnesota Senators Move To Spend $18 Million On “Somali Community Development”

This is being presented as a bipartisan bill.

Minnesota has some very corrupt politicians.

Minnesota state Senators are pushing a bill that would appropriate $18 million to the Somali community. Republican State Senator Jim Abeler is the main author of the bill and includes Republican co-authors Jerry Relph and Carla Nelson as well as Democrat co-authors Steve Cwodzinski and Kari Dziedzic.

The Minnesota bill proposes $9 million be allocated in 2018 and another $9 million in 2019 for the “employment and economic development for the Somali community.”

The appropriation has no measurable goals outlined because the Senators pushing the bill do not actually believe this will have an impact.

Rather this bill is based on the false pretense that throwing money at a community which refuses to assimilate will make them less dangerous and more productive.

As long as the Senators try to pass the bill they can claim they tried to help Minnesota, by making Somalis more comfortable, under the assumption that by doing this, Somalis will commit less crime and become less of a fiscal burden to the state.

Minnesota has long since faced a problem with the Somali community that has been foisted upon them. The politicians in the state refuse to recognize the culture and background of these people as a problem in fear of being browbeaten by social justice warriors, liberals, and Democrats alike.

Instead of taking a stand against the poor behavior of these immigrants who have more in America than they could ever dream of in their homelands, they kowtow like cowards.

When people are brought in in large numbers from the third world they form enclaves, pockets in the community they set up to reflect the third world from which they hail.

This also encourages them to act as if they were still in the third world, hence the high and particularly brutal crime these areas are associated with.

In 2015 the “Minnesota Men” made headlines across the country as a group of Somali ISIS supporters.

Ten of these men were charged with seeking to leave the United States to go fight for ISIS. Six of the men plead guilty, three plead not guilty but were found guilty, and one is presumed dead in the Middle East.

These men all lived in Minnesota’s Somali-dominated communities and had access to education and employment opportunities.

The United States afforded them a multitude of opportunities, which they rejected in favor of third world propaganda that convinced them to go fight Muslim wars for a terrorist organization.

One Somali refugee raped a woman on a bus passing through Crookston. Another Somali went on a stabbing rampage in the name of “Allah” through a Minnesota mall.

Nine were hurt in the attack, and the Somali was reportedly asking victims if they were Muslim before attacking them. ISIS news outlets were reporting the Somalian to be a soldier of the Islamic State.

Somalis have even opened up a mall in Minneapolis, albeit a dangerous place, that does not reflect conventional American malls.

The mall is located at 912 E 24th Street, but if you have trouble finding it, just look for the building that appears to have been shot up.

According to the shop owners, drug dealers spend a good deal of time loitering around the mall, scaring away their customers. While the police are frequently called to the area, their presence has done little to deter the crime.

Mobs of 20-30 Somali men have been known to march through wealthy areas and neighborhoods, shouting at residents.

They often threaten to attack or rape the homeowners, and while this has been well documented with video evidence, the local media in Minnesota has largely neglected to report on the issue, and police have made no arrests concerning the practice.

Senators in Minnesota are likely not as naïve as the facade they present.

While lawmakers are well aware of the problems in these communities, there will be little they can do to actually resolve them unless they are willing to step out of the bounds of political correctness.

Until then, no matter how much money they spend virtue signaling, their citizens will not be safe, and their communities will continue to be trashed.