PUBLISHED: 7:44 PM 18 Apr 2017
UPDATED: 7:49 PM 18 Apr 2017

Mini Mosque: Islamic “Safe Spaces” Erected By New Muslim Life Coordinator On University Campus


MSA meeting at Columbia University, now open to non-students.

Creeping Sharia WordPress is reporting shocking and vital information. Columbia University, the ivy league college located in New York City, has reportedly controversially announced that they will provide prayer space for Muslim students who wish to pray. The private institution has worked with the Muslim Student Association to create a campus mosque, which the students there are purportedly meant to use for prayer.

The aforementioned WordPress announces that University Chaplain (an originally Christian position) Jewelnel Davis announced that she was creating not only a prayer space for Muslims but an entirely new position – created out of thin air – “Coordinator of Muslim Life”. This is a massive expansion in Columbia University staff. The position of University Chaplain has been reinstated for only two years. So, an entirely new office, essentially, is being created to appease the religious desires of the student population who pay upwards of $70,000 USD annually to attend the school. You’re welcome, snowflakes!


A graph showing how much money these Ivy League schools have. They all have more money than the GDP of Haiti.

How is Columbia University, which has an endowment of $9.041 billion USD, able to afford these new sanctimonious positions? Creeping Sharia has reported that University Chaplain Davis announced that the prayer space and new position were possible “thanks to” an “anonymous donation”. Is it fair to assume that this was a donation from a nefarious source? Or maybe it was a donation from some liberal activist who wants these students to have a place to “pray”? Who is to say? Jewelnel Davis is the one, but her Twitter account has been silent on the matter.

The Muslim Student Association petitioned Columbia University for a prayer space and a full-time student coordinator for Muslims. Why is this prestigious university even playing the role of ‘coordinating’ the life of Muslims, or anyone else for that matter? Jewelnel Davis has stated nothing publicly on the matter and her private thoughts are up to the speculation of the curious soul.

Not only did Columbia meet the official petition of their student body, but they gave into some of the more communistically oriented demands. For example, the prayer space will be open to students and non-students. The critical thinker is left to wonder whether the new Muslim Religious Life Advisor coordinator will be coordinating all of the imaginary worshippers.

jewelnel davis and bill cosby

University Chaplain Jewelnel Davis and Multiple Honorary Degree Recipient Bill Cosby.

The Columbia Spectator asked University Chaplain Davis why she had previously been reluctant to grant the MSA funds for prayer breakfasts. One wonders whether the presence – or more to the point absence ­­– of bacon and other pork products were involved. The Chaplain was reluctant to answer. Does she want collegial penitents, likely hungover, to go hungry? There is unconfirmed scuttlebutt that Jewelnel Davis only ever offered breakfast, a distinctly American enterprise, during Ramadan.

As Paul wrote to the early and peripheral Christian community in Rome, “May the God of hope fill you all with joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” Romans 15:13.

And in the tacit words of Jewelnel Davis, “just don’t hope to be filled with breakfast.”

MSA goofballs

MSA radicals disguise themselves as students concerned with having fun and opening their school to the community for the betterment of all.

The MSA had met with resistance from Davis in the past – including the prayer breakfast debacle – by petitioning the Student Government for funds, which seemed to be successful. Fellow students from a wealthy community committing their campus and funds to creating prayer space for the comparably poor surrounding community. And to what end? Creeping Sharia reports that the nefarious MSA has a plan to indoctrinate Muslims and non-Muslims and spread sharia around the country.

An indication of this kind of activity can be found all over the Columbia Chapter’s Facebook page. Just at a glance: on April 13th and 14th, the group led a special seminar called Intimacies I and II. Intimacies I was entitled ‘Sexualities in Contemporary Muslim Societies’. Intimacies II was entitled ‘Queerness in Muslim Context/Communities”. This type of intersectionality is something that was once only available at the New School for Social Research or Huffington Post. Now, years later, it can be seen at Columbia University.

When Jewelnel Davis was picked to fill the reinstated position of University Chaplain, she stated, “I wanted to make sure that Columbia lives up to its name, Columbia University in the City of New York.” Are positions of inclusiveness, intersectionality, and small-scale community outreach parts of the tradition of Columbia University? We can already see that Davis is not living up to her promises, made with the starry-eyed idealism symptomatic of newly hired and unjaded university employees.

To quote Creeping Sharia, “So the university will fund a full-time Muslim leader for Muslim students and allow Muslim students as well as non-students to pray in a campus mini-mosque year-round. Will Muslims also be converting St. Paul’s Chapel into a mosque for Islamic prayers?”

Truly? Year-round prayer in a designated space is almost infinitely greater than the amount of prayer in official space that happened over the course of the history of Columbia University in the City of New York. And not simply prayer, but Islamic prayer, which, of course, is done in a manner entirely different from Baptist, Catholic, Mormon, Southern Baptist, Anabaptist, Krishnan, Zoroastrian, or Hindu prayer. And Creeping Sharia appropriately and responsibly speculates as to whether the MSA has eyes for removing the pews and kneelers from St. Paul’s Chapel.