Milwaukee Woman Disemboweled

PUBLISHED: 8:08 PM 19 Jan 2019

Milwaukee ‘Welcome’ Policy Leads To Gruesome Wheelchair ‘Disembowelment’

The Nigerian man stabbed a woman who allowed him to stay in her home, murdering her by almost disemboweling her.

The victim, Deborah Lynch was almost dead from the savage attack when authorities got to her home.

The ‘immigrant’ welcoming city of Milwaukee got a wake up call last week when a Nigerian National savagely murdered his wheelchair-bound hostess.

Kehinde Afolayan stabbed the 62-year-old wheelchair-bound woman more than 100 times, leaving her partially disemboweled, according to court documents.

Thirty-one-year-old Afolayan was charged Tuesday with one count of first-degree intentional homicide, and will face life in prison if convicted.

Many people argue that life in an American prison is better than some live in Nigeria, so what’s the incentive for any ‘refugee’ to actually obey the law?

The charging document states that a witness looked through a window of the apartment where the attack took place, after his sister told him about a commotion inside. He saw Afolayan stabbing Deborah Lynch as she sat in her wheelchair, unable to get away from the murderous fiend.

“Responding officers found Lynch sitting motionless in her wheelchair, breathing but unresponsive. A Flight for Life helicopter was called but Lynch passed away before being loaded onto the aircraft, the complaint said.”

Wisconsin has been a leader in refugee resettlement efforts, welcoming every so-called migrant the UN sees fit to foist upon them. In fact, the foreign born population of the state has increased 130 percent, since the early 1990’s.

The Obama administration was happy to oblige, and in 2015, helped bring in loads of people form Syria, Burma, and other third-world countries where the respect for human life is not compatible with Western ideals nor are the health standards the same.

Milwaukee Officers arrested the murderous ‘refugee’ at the apartment after finding him holding a blood-covered undershirt.

“Investigators said they found three bloody knives in and near the building, one of which was missing the blade.”

Apparently, the Nigerian stabbed her with three different knives? What sort of monster is this?

“Afolayan’s Federal Republic of Nigeria identification card was found in the living room, a search warrant said.”

Police said they were unable to interview Afolayan because he would not answer questions, and wouldn’t even give his name, but just kept murmuring statements asking for Jesus’ forgiveness.

Lynch’s son, who also lived in the apartment, told investigators that Afolayan had been living with them since October, but was not home during the attack.

“A medical examiner said Lynch received 116 stabs wounds, most of which were to the chest and abdomen.”

The church Lynch attends, Oak Creek Assembly of God, issued a statement after the news was broken, saying, “We are shocked and deeply saddened at the tragic loss of Deborah Lynch. She was part of our church family for nearly four decades. Deborah was involved in several areas, including Sunday Morning Groups and Women’s Ministries.”

So, a Christian woman is now dead, thanks to the misguided attempt to help a person whose apparent compunction didn’t prevent him from practically disemboweling his patron, many people argue.