Millionaire Mom’s Medicaid Scam

PUBLISHED: 11:08 PM 26 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 11:09 PM 26 Jan 2018

Millionaire Mom Pulls Off Huge Medicaid Scam

She didn’t just scam the government but the state’s neediest people.

Needy citizens have been scammed by this mother.

When the Conservative Daily Post showed everyone the story about the man who attempted to impress his date by “borrowing” (stealing) a Ferrari by lying to a valet, it was hard to gauge just how many people read the article slackjawed. Criminals are as bold as ever in 2018, but what Galit Levi, 37, of Hollis Hills in Queens did takes the cake.

AOL News reports that this wealthy mom “with $1 million in the bank fleeced Medicaid of nearly $70,000 over three years.” This is a testimony to how well run such cherished government institutions are. When those with a conservative lean speak of getting rid of Medicaid, they don’t mean “kill the poor.” Rather, as this case shows, this way that we have now just isn’t working.

The private sector would have to answer to enough people (shareholders, CEO’s, etc) that such a theft would be much harder to achieve. The current system allowed this lady with a vast fortune to rack up enough offenses that she “was charged with grand larceny, welfare fraud, and falsifying business records,” as the Queens District Attorney’s office confirms.

Levi had the gall to claim that she was “unemployed and that her husband earned approximately $1,750 a month.” Since that is not enough to support both adults and their four kids, the system believed her and her family to be impoverished.

In 2012, she began to get benefits, all paid for by Mr. Joe Taxpayer. These benefits, if one even believes it, totaled “$67,000 through December 2015!” Levi achieved this by “submitting several renewals for Medicaid assistance.”

It was only after this happened that it was noticed that during this time period, she and her husband had made deposits “that exceeded $1.3 million,” authorities have learned.

Medicaid is intended to help the truly needy, but this defendant’s bank records allegedly show her family’s income was well above the levels that would have made her and her children eligible for assistance,” declared Queens District Attorney Richard Brown. That, to say the least, is quite an understatement. She and her husband deposited more money than most of the truly poor ever see.

Queens Criminal Court Judge Karen Gopee on Thursday, during the thieving mother’s arraignment, “set bail at $5,000.” Making the sting even more painful, the judge “ordered Levi to surrender her U.S. and Israeli passports,” too.

If Levi is found guilty of just her most serious charge, she is looking to sit behind bars for fifteen long years. Both she and her husband are remaining tight-lipped about the details. Mrs. Levi has declined comment and her husband is to have said only “I can’t talk about it right now” when asked about the matter.

It is known that in 2017, the Levi’s “knocked down a two-story detached home owned by a relative in Hollis Hills.” As the bilked a small fortune in money that was intended for the needy, “serious renovations” were also being done on their land.

They bought a perfectly good house, knocked it down, and put up that monstrosity,” said a neighbor.

This theft was “a breathtakingly misplaced sense of entitlement by reaping a very comfortable family income while utilizing benefits meant for those in need to cover her expenses as if she were in dire financial distress,” said New York State Welfare Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott.

For this, Levi will find that her living quarters are soon to be much more confined as the adjusts to life behind bars. That is what should happen to this reverse Robin Hood who stole from the poor to give to the rich (which turned out to be herself).

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