PUBLISHED: 7:06 PM 29 Nov 2017

“Milked” And “Exploited”: Prominent Clinton Network Sued As China Visa Promise Falls Flat

Terry McAuliffee was Governor of Virginia while he was working to help get investments for Greentech Automotive five years ago. This would seem to be a clear conflict of interest, and if not illegal, at very least it is surely immoral.

Terry McAuliffee was Governor of Virginia while he was working to help get investments for Greentech Automotive five years ago. This would seem to be a clear conflict of interest, and if not illegal, at very least it is surely immoral.

It seems like Hillary can’t get a break from corruption charges dogging her every move.  She’s still reeling from accusations that she gave approval for the Uranium one deal in exchange for kickbacks to her family from the Russian government, exchanging American uranium rights for a bit of petty cash.  Her husband is being threatened with four lawsuits from his behavior shortly after leaving office, as four different women tell similar stories of his sexual misconduct with them.

Now her brother, Anthony Rodham, along with Terry McAuliffe, former Governor of Virginia, are facing lawsuits from Chinese investors who claim they have been defrauded.

A group of 32 citizens of China have filed suit against Anthony Rodham and Terry McAuliffe in Fairfax County, Virginia, claiming that each was defrauded of over half a million dollars by the pair. These Chinese citizens claim that they were defrauded by statements made by Anthony Rodham and Terry McAuliffe concerning investment in Greentech Automotive, a company dedicated to making electric cars.

Anthony Rodham, in the green shirt on the left, is Hillary Clinton’s brother, and is accused of flaunting his close relationship with the then-Secretary of State to help sell a bad investment to Chinese investors.

The precise nature of the fraud perpetrated against these 32 citizens is almost as disturbing as the fact that two politically-connected individuals would use their clout to dishonestly represent an electric car company, an industry that has few winners and a slew of losers. The Chinese investors claim that they invested their money into Greentech in hope of receiving permanent residency in exchange.

This was to be accomplished under the EB-5 program, a program that awards foreign-funded business ventures that generate a certain number of jobs with green cards for those funding said venture.

The problem arises in that Greentech Automotive is not, and does not appear to be likely to, generate enough jobs for the visas through the EB-5 program to continue to exist.  The EB-5 program says that the investor must invest at least 1 million dollars to finance a business in the United States that will employ at least 10 workers.

However, there is a subsection that allows for the investment of half this money, 500,000 dollars, if it is invested in a Targeted Employment Area, which is usually either a rural area or an urban area with extremely high unemployment rates. Under these definitions, the 32 immigrants who invested in Greentech Automotive would have had to create 320 jobs for their 560,000 dollars each invested.  At 56,000 dollars to create each job, this should be a simple task.

Terry McAuliffe, former Governor of Virginia, was thought to be a contender for the White House in the 2020 election. This lawsuit, his office contends, is brought against him by conservative competition that does not want to see him in a position of power.

The suit states that Terry McAuliffe, and in particular Anthony Rodham, brother-in-law of a former president and brother to a woman who seemed almost guaranteed to be the next President of these United States, used their political connections as a means to assure investors that they would not only be successful in their business venture, but that they would have no problem getting the visas.

Quoting from the lawsuit, “Defendants exploited those relationships to assure investors of both the success of the company and their ability to obtain U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) approval of the visa applications.”

As many of the Chinese investors now face deportation, it seems certain that any claims that Rodham or McAuliffe would be able to finagle visas with the USCIS are not to be trusted.  Perhaps they were counting on a friendly ear that would give them direct contact and undue influence over the visa process in the White House?

McAuliffe’s spokeswoman put out a statement suggesting that the lawsuit had been brought by a conservative lawyer with an ax to grind, and states (correctly) that McAullife separated from the organization five years ago and has not worked with them since. This is not much protection from the appearance of impropriety, though, as McAuliffe appears to have been working to find investors for Greentech Automotive while he was supposed to be acting as Governor of Virginia.

Greentech Automotive closed its doors in January of 2017, leaving dozens of Mississippi citizens out of work.  According to a report from a state auditor in July, at its largest, the factory employed 143, meaning it never came close to the staffing it would have needed to guarantee EB-5 visas for all 32 investors.  The auditor also states that the business owes Mississippi 6.4 million dollars after failing to meet the conditions of the 5 million dollar financing package they received from the state.

Sec. State Clinton and Governor McAuliffe both appear to have used their political clout to profit in some way. For the Clinton family, it was mostly through strange gifts and contributions made by foreign governments, and for McAuliffe, it was via money brought in for investments he was pushing.

While it makes the Clinton family continue to look like they are willing to use political power for personal profit when Hillary’s brother is caught using the Clinton name to push questionable investment opportunities to foreigners, it is Terry McAuliffe who suffers most from this.  Terry McAuliffe has made signals that he may be considering a serious presidential run in 2020, perhaps joining the ’25 or more’ that Donna Brazile made reference to in recent interviews.

The failing of this venture, combined with a long history of the Clintons cashing in on their name to make a profit or using political connections in order to receive generous ‘donations’, is just further reason to be distrustful of the whole family, and any political future that Hillary or Chelsea might seek.