Antifa Must Pay

PUBLISHED: 6:56 PM 12 Apr 2019

Militant Antifa Leader Ordered To Pay Attorney Fees In ‘Frivolous’ Suit

Instead of winning, this fascist was ordered to pay thousands in court fees to Judicial Watch in a lawsuit that was labeled “frivolous” and “unreasonable.”

These so-called anti-fascists use fascist tactics on others.. they are the fascists.

In 2017, the independent watchdog group Judicial Watch filed a request asking Berkeley Unified district for all emails sent to King Middle School staff members from the Antifa group By Any Means and their leader Yvette Felarca.

Felarca is a proponent of fascist tactics against people who hold political ideologies she and her group of sycophants don’t like, and has been a prominent figure at political rallies.

She apparently sent her propaganda to the school in order for it to be distributed.

According to Hot Air:

Felarca and King colleagues Lori Nixon and Larry Stefl, in turn, sued BUSD in late 2017 to stop the district from handing over the emails.

Their lawyers, from By Any Means Necessary, argued that the release of any of the records would chill Felarca’s freedom of speech and threaten the safety and privacy of her colleagues.

Felarca lost the case last October to prevent the disclosure of her radical propaganda, and the ruling allowed the emails to be released.

But, Judge Vince Chhabria said Felarca and her colleagues’ lawsuit against Berkeley Unified and Judicial Watch was “frivolous” and “unreasonable,” and ordered them to pay $20,000 in fees to the watchdog group.

His reasoning was sound.

Felarca is currently facing a felony charge for assaulting a demonstrator and has proven that her idea of ‘resistance’ means physically assaulting and intimidating other people, which is exactly the definition of fascism.

Judicial Watch sued asking for court costs. And although they only got a fraction of the $300,000 requested, the judge scolded her lawsuit and said her take on the First Amendment was “obviously baseless.”

In his Wednesday order, Chhabria explained, “To start, a significant portion of the documents the plaintiffs initially sued to protect from disclosure had been publicly disclosed months earlier in another suit brought by Ms. Felarca against BUSD, where she was represented by the same counsel.”

The judge also wrote that an argument by Felarca’s lawyers saying the First Amendment protects their ideology, but “condemns the ‘alt-right’” was “obviously baseless.”

He said they “failed to grapple with the role Ms. Felarca played in making herself a topic of public discourse through her physical conduct at public rallies and her voluntary appearance on Fox News.”

The outlet continued:

This isn’t the first time Felarca has been ordered to pay court fees. Last January she was ordered to pay Berkeley College Republicans President Troy Worden $11,000 to cover his attorney’s fees.

This begs the question: How can a school teacher afford to pay these fees?

Is some group providing the resources for her obvious fascist behavior?