PUBLISHED: 6:54 PM 18 May 2017

Migrants Turn Cannibal Literally As Germany Witnesses Horror From Asylum Seekers

Migrant violence is becoming increasingly common. Germans are currently prosecuting a vile asylum seeker who attempted to eat a fellow migrant.

Warning: Please be advised, some of the case details contained in this article may be disturbing to some readers.

The trial has opened into the case of an Eritrean migrant accused of a vicious attack on a fellow asylum seeker. The unnamed man, 20, allegedly sliced off his victim’s eyelids and bit off his ears in an attempt to consume his flesh.

Depraved, immoral migrants are wrecking Europe’s stability. The trial, set in Germany, is only one of thousands of pending criminal cases perpetrated by migrants. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to throw open Germany’s borders and provide refuge for Syrians has backfired spectacularly.

The Daily Mail reports: “According to German police, in 2013 migrants committed two sex crimes a day. It was up to around three a day in 2014, five in 2015 and last year [2016] it reached ten daily.”

The suspect is seen hiding his face during the trial. He’s accused of nearly killing an innocent man in a wild, cannibalistic attack.

The mass of asylum seekers that rolled into Europe in recent years is confronting an alien culture. Islamic countries are notorious for stunting their citizens moral and intellectual growth. Women are often treated like pieces of property. Most of the migrants are young males raised in a society that doesn’t respect women’s rights.

However, as the trial of the unnamed Eritrean in Germany demonstrates, migrant violence doesn’t spare men. Murderous attacks occur daily at the asylum centers dotting the E.U. Details of the Eritrean’s case are particularly disturbing.

Prosecutors say that the attacker stabbed his teenaged victim twice in the neck before jabbing a pen into his eyes, slicing away his eyelids, and biting off his ears.

“The fact that the victim’s ears were ripped off like a wild animal is almost animalistic – a most unusual case,” Rudolf Egg, a criminologist from Wiesbaden said. “The deed was by no means a normal brawl. If you only want to hurt your victim, you don’t have to do such things.”

“Perhaps jealousy played a role. Because the perpetrator did not want his victim to be injured but to be displaced. He wanted him to look ugly and desecrated,” he added.

Angela Merkel is hailed as a hero by migrants. Countless numbers of people have fled to Germany after the chancellor announced her intention of turning the country into a refuge for Syrians.

German citizens are becomingly increasingly concerned about their safety. A violent slew of migrant-perpetrated attacks has horrified the country. Merkel decided to rescind reasonable border controls in order to allow migrants easier access, a decision that has led to a horde of unknown people swarming into Germany.

“We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab antisemitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other people, as well as a different understanding of society and law. Germany agencies are unable to deal with these imported security problems and the resulting reactions from German people,” reads a leaked German intelligence report.

Europe’s future is murky. So many migrants and refugees have crowded into the country in recent years that it’s created a near impossible situation for government authorities. Most worryingly, the human tide has shown no sign of slowing down.

“People are more cautious than they used to be,” an anonymous 22-year-old German woman told the Daily Mail. “We were so hopeful everything would work out when the migrants came. Now we are not so sure. Why should we change our way of life because of them? That’s not fair when we welcomed them. They just seem to think so differently to us.”

African migrants are unlikely to be granted asylum in Germany but thousands are residing in the country anyway.

Migrant violence is becoming an everyday occurrence. It’s hard to say when real assimilation will occur. Many devout Muslims desire to create their own separate society within their new homelands. Their beliefs are too hardened to be easily abandoned.

“Unfortunately, you have to say that the overwhelming majority of the alleged offenders are asylum seekers. It’s certainly changing the atmosphere of the city,” Uwe Maucher, a journalist at a Freiburg newspaper said during an interview.

Germany, home to large, sprawling migrant population, will be required to expend a massive amount of resources if they want to avert future disaster.