Migrant Caught Jumping Fence

PUBLISHED: 3:24 PM 15 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 3:51 PM 20 Mar 2018

Migrants Hop Fence, Enter U.S. Beside Trump’s Border Wall Prototypes

A family was caught on camera jumping a fence to infiltrate the United States.

An immigration lawyer now faces her own deportation.

Four migrants were captured on camera easily breezing into the United States over the current wall structures, according to Breitbart.

Video footage showed an illegal family of four jumping over the existing border wall beside President Donald Trump’s new wall prototypes.

The footage was reportedly taken on Tuesday when Trump was visiting San Diego to view the prototypes.

The video begins with the family easily hopping over the low, weak border structure that is barely six feet tall.

Once the family, who has two children with them, makes it into the U.S., they are immediately met by a border patrol agent.

He directed the illegal family to a nearby facility, where they will likely file a legal plea for residency in the country.

While it was unintentional, the footage further proves how badly the nation needs a border wall to prevent illegals from getting into the country.

Whichever wall Trump chooses, which some can be seen in the video, it will be very tall and nearly impenetrable.

The migrant family in the video clip would never have been able to infiltrate the U.S. if Trump’s border wall was in place.

But given that Democrats are refusing to appropriate funding for the wall, the only structure in place to protect the nation from illegals is the one seen in the video.

The illegal family proved how easily illegals are able to infiltrate the country and affirms the need for more adequate border defenses.

Trump’s wall would not only have prevented the family from breezing into the country, but it would stop millions of illegals from infiltrating the country over time.

While Democrats refuse to prioritize the safety of the American people, this video shows how easy it is for illegals — many of which are criminals — to make their way into the country.

Watch below: