Migrant Welfare Disgusts

PUBLISHED: 8:54 PM 17 May 2018

Migrant Collects Welfare For Four Wives, 22 Children

The German migrant’s funds were calculated in American dollars.

Will U.S. taxpayers soon be paying for massive families with many wives?

Some Christians, Muslims, and others allow men to have more than one current wife. While each person is free to view their relationships as they wish in the privacy of their own lives, the law in the West recognizes one spouse. Don’t tell that fact to Ghazia A., a 49-year-old former “self-employed car salesman” who is making a fortune off of the welfare system, as the Daily Native News has observed.

In Denmark, “Mr. A” has no less than three wives and is living off of the welfare system since he holds refugee status! He has “20 kids [and he] gets DKK 214,000 in child benefits,” amounting to $360,000 a year (if it were U.S. currency) from the taxpayers! The outrage resulting from what this Syrian man has done is causing many to clamor for a change to the law. The system likely sees this as a win because, after all, who are those 22 going to vote for as adults?

In Syria, the man made his own way, but once he hit Germany, he sandbagged. He and his now “four wives and 22 children” do nothing at all, yet the checks keep arriving. Mr. A even has a grown daughter, married, living in Saudi Arabia.

Let it be firmly remembered that no less than 50,000 refugees will/are/did arrive in the U.S. already. This was permitted by former President Obama and sustained by President Donald Trump. Will the United States be forking over 360k for such lavish lifestyles if it is demanded?

After all, how can anyone make a man divorce his wives if that is all that he has ever known?

These are why things like vetting and compatibility with cultures need to be established along with civil training before anyone is allowed in, particularly in such large numbers.

By not addressing such concerns in advance, when they crop up, everyone is at a loss as to how to act or what to do.

Syria allows a man to have up to four wives and many other Muslim nations permit more. If a person migrates to Syria from a country that permits more, it can be imagined that Syrian law would flex to allow it, too.

Some facets of the Mormon religion still practice having more than one wife, but legally, only one is recognized. If this gets changed, altered, or amended, all kinds of costs and cultural shifts will take place.

Therefore, this case is a warning sign: PROCEED WITH CAUTION.