PUBLISHED: 5:06 PM 11 Jan 2017

Midnight Act: Obama Passes Law To Allow Federal Takeover Of Ranch Lands

Fallen Patriot Levoy Finacum tries reasoning with the BLM. Finacum was murdered by a joint hit squad of state and federal agents

Fallen Patriot Levoy Finacum tries reasoning with the BLM. Finacum was murdered by a joint hit squad of state and federal agents

Fallen Patriot Levoy Finicum tries reasoning with the BLM. Finacum, referred to as a “virus” by government officials was murdered by a joint hit squad of state and federal agents.


As Arizona rancher Levoy Finicum lies in his grave, murdered by state and federal thugs, President Obama continues to steal the land from the states and its citizens. Land the federal government has no right to own under the Constitution as Finicum pointed out so many times in his eloquent speeches; a voice of reason for the average American standing for the beliefs of our Founders and the country he loved that cost him his life.

In his continued direct defiance of the law of the land, Obama has stolen nearly two million more acres of Western land in yet one more of his lame duck midnight actions, according to a Fox News report. Since taking office eight years ago, this land thief has usurped more land from states and private citizens than any other president before him, a total of over 553 million acres. All without state legislative approval, paying for the land as stated in the Constitution and no due process of law allotted to the local and state court systems. In May 2014 Obama grabbed over 500,000 acres in New Mexico opening the door for drug cartel operations in the US.

With the stroke of his pen in the late hours of night recently he simply usurped millions more of state and private lands placing his tax paid federal thugs as the land’s “overseers.” The very land, the Gold Butte, that was the site where Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy took a stand with hundreds of other ranchers and won against the BLM; temporarily.

Is this not one reason our Founders fired the shot heard around the world? Is this not what many poor farmers stood up against over 200 years ago so that “a more perfect union” could be formed?” A new government that protected the rights of individual freedoms, one that is “BY the People, OF the People and For the People?”

And now once again farmers and ranchers are facing the same sort of tyranny that so many gave their lives for to escape. But this time it appears they are fighting alone against a gorilla of a federal government waiting to take them out as cows to the slaughter. Unless, the people, ALL PEOPLE, will stand with them.

Local officials, ranchers and Native Americans in Utah had come up with a viable plan that the state and federal representatives in Congress agreed was one in which all parties could benefit; Obama grabbed the land at Bears Eagle anyways; UNDER HIS TERMS is how the land will be utilized. But Utah’s attorney general, Sean Reyes,  is not backing down and says he will sue Obama and the federal government for the unconstitutional act. An act that limits what President-elect can now do to protect the ranchers in those areas.

Seeing the unconstitutional and evil acts of Obama, Finicum called out the Progressive “anointed one” on a video he recorded shortly after the Bundy stand-off. A standoff which hundreds of ranchers, on horseback, peacefully forced the treacherous BLM to stand down and return the cattle they stole from Bundy and his family. A standoff in which the only ones threatening violence and pointing loaded weapons were the federal agents, Finicum testifies in a video.

Finicum simply asked Obama why he thought it was funny to see Americans pointing guns at other Americans, following a taped press dinner in which the US President made light quips, laughing, and threatening the ranchers with lethal force. “I have one word for you, boys–DRONES,” Obama said. How ironic it was a drone that tracked and chased down Finicum and three others in the vehicle with him into an illegal ambush of the “state sponsored” thugs;  gunned down was a husband, a father who loved the land while his hands were in the air in compliance.

As Sen. Ron Wyden told the FBI and the Obama administration just a day before, the “virus” (Finicum) is spreading and action needs to be taken.”  The “virus” taught a message of LOVE for limited federal government, and consistently maintained he was not anti-government in his many videos. The “virus” who in his own battle against the encroachments and illegal activities of the BLM was fighting the government through legal means under the law.

The "virus" Finicum did not only resonate ranchers but his voice of reason was spreading thru the press.

The “virus” Finicum did not only resonate with ranchers but his voice of reason was spreading throughout the press.

A ‘virus” who was reaching out and teaching others how to do so as well. A message that began to go “viral” across the internet resonating with hundreds of thousands of Americans from ALL walks of life and heritages. The “virus” who loved his family and his country and was not afraid to take a stand to fight the ever growing tyranny being imposed upon the masses.

And so, yes, the “virus was spreading” Mr. Obama and so you had to eliminate the virus in order to continue your land stealing and George Soros marching orders to collapse and lead the US into his “New World Order.”

Mr. Obama, are you listening? YOU FAILED!

LeVoy Finicum’s messages live on and are reaching thousands more everyday; we are growing and we are not afraid to take a stand. The “deplorables,” the “silent majority” are rising and will no longer be silenced. We have won a major victory in this war dethroning your Queen Hillary and Marxist idealism, voting in a new leader; an American who will restore the Constitution and the law of land in this country.

One who will put the US at the helm of world diplomacy and destroy the evils you and your Progressive Soros puppets have spread. A true Commander-in-Chief who will defend the security of this nation and world peace through strength.  A President who will respect and support individual rights and the right to pursue the American Dream without the constraints of a usurping federal government. One who will “Make America Great Again.”

Yes Mr. Obama, a virus has been spreading and we, the American People, have ELIMINATED IT, without firing a single shot.

To learn more about Mr. Finicum’s teachings and his resonating message, you can purchase his book, Only By Blood and Suffering on Amazon, or visit his official Youtube website at,  where you can watch many of his teachings.