PUBLISHED: 3:35 PM 11 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 3:59 PM 11 Jan 2018

Middle School In Court After ‘Grooming’ Three Children, Parents Demand Answers Under MHRA

Missouri Commissioner, Dr. Dodson (pictured) is facing a legal nightmare after one teacher molested three boys under the age of 15 on school grounds.

Missouri Commissioner, Dr. Dodson (pictured) is facing a legal nightmare after one teacher molested three boys under the age of 15 on school grounds.

Cases that involve students being mistreated or sexually misused are only too familiar to many. Such acts seem as common as grass blades and parents are becoming terrified to send their children to school in the morning. Fox News reveals that a 37-year-old teacher (and her district) in Missouri are facing a stack of lawsuits “due to her alleged sexual misconduct with three teen boys.”

The suits are pending in Jasper County Circuit Court against both Joplin School District and middle school instructor, Amanda Schweitzer. She “was charged with child kidnapping, first-degree statutory rape and first-degree statutory sodomy in two counties in April 2017,” according to the Joplin Globe. The victims were “groomed” by the offender and parents are demanding answers.

All three of the trysts were with boys under the age of 15, a fact that makes the incident even more serious. To add to the outrage, the infraction happened on at the school!

For this reason, the lawsuit against the district cites“the Missouri Human Rights Act” saying that the school district “failed to take steps to prevent sexual assault and sexual harassment by its faculty.” Also, the teacher is “accused of negligent infliction of emotional distress in the petition.”

This former teacher was using social media to flirt with underage students.

It is rather hard to say just what the school could have done considering that, in most instances, if a student needs help, a teacher will often offer one-on-one assistance. As such, it would very difficult for the school to know what was going on. Still, it is their responsibility to do so.

As soon as the school found out what was happening, the teacher was removed from her duties, Matthew Wilson, the attorney for the district has said. He also says that he has not yet seen the suit which was filed last year.

One mother suffered having two of her boys molested by Schweitzer. The most troubling aspect is that the children did not desire the sexual advances which were being forced upon them. In many cases, while still utterly revolting, the deeds are consensual. That was not the case with Ms. Schweitzer.

When news of what Schweitzer (pictured) did became known, lawsuits were quickly filed.

The former teacher is said to have “groomed” her victims carefully and from a young age. She also began “sending them increasingly suggestive and sexual text and social media messages.” The lawsuit also says that Schweitzer ran her hand through the students hair and “nibbled on his ear.” She then Instagrammed the pupil, asking him if he enjoyed the attention.

Considering that we live in an age where sex is as open and readily available as a coffee, such cases as these cause us to wonder what sick urges motivate some people enough to make them stoop to such actions. Our children need to be left to develop into their own adulthood under the instruction of their parents or guardian, not have it forced upon them.

For far too many of teachers and school officials, this seems like too much to expect.

Sources: Fox News – The Joplin Globe