Mulvaney Targets Warren

PUBLISHED: 8:41 PM 13 Apr 2018

Mick Mulvaney Blasts Elizabeth Warren, It Is Her Fault He Won’t Answer Questions

He reminded her that she helped pass the laws that protect his agency from having to answer questions.

The would-be Indian is all but adorning war paint after the pow wow with Mulvaney did not go as planned.

Acting “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Mick Mulvaney” isn’t planning to answer 105 questions asked by Senator Elizabeth Warren. According to the Washington Examiner, he explained that “it’s her fault that he is not required to answer.”

In fact, now Warren is on the other side of the equation, and is being stonewalled by the very ‘unconstitutional’ rules she helped to create. In fact, as Obama’s cronies have vacated, it was discovered that millions of dollars were funneled through the ‘bureau’ to pay for his various ‘advertising’ campaigns.

Mulvaney, when he was a conservative member of Congress, was very critical of the agency which former President Obama allowed to be a flagship for what President Trump supporters refer to as “the swamp.” He wrote in a letter to Warren that it was she who crafted “the structure of the agency” which now “shields him from accountability.” Her frustration could not have been more ripe.

Democrats (and many RINO’s) are very good at making laws that help the leftist in office, but they often fail to think that someday a leftist won’t be in office, and that they shall have to play by the rules that they created when that happens.

I encourage you to consider the possibility that the frustration you are experiencing now, and that which I had a few years back, are both inevitable consequences of the fact that the Dodd-Frank… Act insulates the Bureau from virtually any accountability to the American people through their elected representatives,” Mulvaney’s letter accurately said.

The self-proclaimed ‘Native American’ had told Mulvaney that he had to answer 105 questions “about his management of the CFPB and handling of cases against payday lenders and others.” The conservative, in turn, showed here why he was not required to answer her questions.

Mulvaney did say that he would talk about the issues “during congressional testimony,” at which time Warren will only be given about 5 to 10 minutes to question him “in the Banking Committee.” If this sounds unfair and like there is not enough accountability, that is the point that Mulvaney is making.

The questions that Warren wanted answered were “lost in the mail,” according to reports. Such wording has only angered the tempestuous democrat leader, which is fair since it is her own fault.

While the two sparred back and forth in heated correspondence, the bottom line is that when Richard Cordray had Mulvaney’s post and Obama was in charge, “the bureau and implemented several major new rules while suing a range of companies for consumer financial practices.”

Therefore, Mulvaney is not being vindictive, but rather, has been calling for changes to take place. He is asking “Congress to reform the agency and curb many of its powers,” and his actions now are to draw attention to that need.

Conservatives have shown that the show bureau is unconstitutional since “it is run by a sole director who can’t be removed by the president except for cause.” Furthermore, it is funded by the nefarious Federal Reserve, not by Congress.

It is not the job of the federal government to even really be engaged in such activities. It can be argued that states may be constitutionally allowed to do these kinds of things, but not Uncle Sam.

Matters of war, bomb testing, and a few other streamlined jobs are all that government on a federal level is to be engaging in. Now that Mulvaney and other conservatives are making the reason for this more widely known, those like Warren are being exposed.

Thankfully, the matter is being addressed in the process.