Election Investigation Launched

PUBLISHED: 5:30 PM 9 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 6:09 PM 9 Aug 2018

Michigan County Investigating Ballot Shortage In Tight Race

Local officials are investigating after a Michigan county claims it ran short on ballots.

W.V. is going to allow voters to use smartphones to cast their ballots in the midterms.

A local investigation has been launched after a county in Michigan claims it had a “shortage” in ballots following historic turnout in a slew of elections on Tuesday, according to The Hill. Several voters have claimed they were denied ballots and could not vote, raising serious questions about accurate vote totals and the accuracy of claims that several counties ran short on ballots.

On Wednesday, it was reported that 34 percent of voters in Oakland County attempted to vote in Tuesday’s national, state, and local elections. The county claims they were expecting roughly 29 percent voter turnout, so they were off quite a bit with their projections. More importantly, how does something like this even happen?

Officials claim two open congressional seats to replace incumbent lawmakers played a big role in the shortage of ballots.

Oakland County Democratic Clerk Lisa Brown put on her partisan hat and claimed enthusiastic liberals who oppose republicans and President Donald Trump were a big part of why they ran out of ballots.

Of course, she hardly mentioned that conservative voters could have also played a big role in the ballot shortage, but she didn’t say that because she was apparently trying to portray the shortage as only suppressing democratic votes.

The left-leaning American Civil Liberties Union has also pledged to “look into” the situation because they apparently believe that all of the voters that were denied a ballot were liberals.

Many would agree this feels like a stunt for democrats to claim they were suppressed and unable to vote. Every single candidate President Trump endorsed either won their race or they are currently in the lead in tight races that are still being determined.

With the president having such a hot hand in helping push many conservatives over the finish line, a number of people would agree that liberals appear to be claiming the ballot “shortage” only impacted democratic candidates as an excuse for coming up short in so many races.

Of course, a number of conservative voters could have also been maligned by this which would have resulted in even more votes for republican candidates.

However, this certainly does raise serious questions about how an entire county could “run out” of ballots in an election that they admitted would have several hotly contested races.

An investigation into alleged election fraud of refusing to allow Americans to vote is something many would support.

But conjuring up conspiracy theories and claiming that only liberals were maligned by the ballot “shortage” is disingenuous and complete fake news.