Michigan Gov. Doubles Down

PUBLISHED: 6:05 PM 13 Aug 2020
UPDATED: 6:39 PM 13 Aug 2020

Michigan Conflict Heats Up: Totalitarian Governor Claims Armed Citizens Demanding Rights Are “Disturbing”

This sort of leftist rhetoric is always used when communist-wanna-be leaders feel threatened by the people they supposedly work for.

Sick. (Source: 13 On Your Side YouTube Screenshot)

‘Protestors’ (aka citizens who object to their constitutional freedoms being arbitrarily destroyed, ignored, and violated) have been fighting the democrat governor of Michigan for weeks. And, because some of these law-abiding citizens are openly carrying (in order to protect themselves, no doubt), the governor has called it “disturbing.”

WZZM 13 reported:

For some observers, the images of armed men in tactical gear at a state Capitol were an unsettling symbol of rising tensions in a nation grappling with crisis.

Others saw evidence of racial bias in the way the protesters were treated by police.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has denounced as “disturbing” the protest that occurred at the state Capitol.

“Yesterday’s scene at the Capitol was disturbing, to be quite honest,” Whitmer said at a news conference Friday in Lansing. “Swastikas and Confederate flags, nooses and automatic rifles do not reflect who we are as Michiganders.”

[This viewer saw no confederate flags or swastikas in the group, just angry citizens desperate to keep their liberty.]

Some protesters — many without face coverings — entered the Capitol on Thursday and demanded to be let onto the House floor, which is not allowed.

“I know that some people are angry. And I know many are feeling restless. I know that people are itching to get back to work. And I get it. And I respect it,” Whitmer said. “And it’s OK to feel that way. There’s nothing that I want more than to just flip the switch and return to normal. But that’s now how it’s going to work, unfortunately.”

[Wrong. That’s her un-medical opinion. And, her tone and words are extremely patronizing and insulting… as if these citizens are unruly children that she has to control.

For most people, the new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia and death.