Jews Pray To Allah

PUBLISHED: 9:35 PM 20 Apr 2018

Michigan Churches, Synagogues Join Muslim Unity In Gun Protest To ‘Allah’

The ‘symbolic’ walkout aims at disarming Americans.

Is this about gun violence or muddying down religion?

On paper, the idea of interfaith dealings on a social level to bring about peace is a good idea. But in Detroit, Michigan, the joy over the unity is lost when it becomes clear that the whole agreement is just an excuse to bash President Donald Trump, as Leo Hohmann (dot com) has revealed to be the case.

It is being reported that “parents, pastors, politicians, and educators will join” Shaykh Mohamed Almasmari at the Muslim Unity Center “to pray and discuss how to make their schools and community safer in an era of mass school shootings.” These groups will all be praying to Allah to disarm Americans. Why would Muslims want to do that?

However, it is also said by organizers that Mr. Trump’s America and his supporters are “Islamophobic” as they pander to the democratic left.

The event to be held on April 20 “feeds off of the anti-gun fervor created in the wake of the Parkland High School mass shooting” and really will do nothing to actually address the root causes of such killings.

The 6 p.m. call to prayer will be more about finding ways to stifle the Second Amendment than about creating solutions to existing problems.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (C.A.I.R.) are a popular leftist group that both panders to Islam and shows at least lightweight sympathies to outright terrorists. They have been claiming falsely that Muslims are somehow oppressed in the U.S. (and the world) today, an idea also parroted by the Pope and journalist Rod Dreher, along with others.

Following their lead in Oakland County, the First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham and Christ Cranbrook Episcopal Church plan to join in the union. Even leftist Jews are getting involved, such as Rabbi Mark Miller of Temple Beth El in Bloomfield Hills.

There will be “a prayer vigil, symbolic walkout, and panel discussion” before the “Stand Up Against Bullying Lecture” begins. It is certain that enough left-leaning drivel will be heard before the night is through that those not wise enough to see the agenda will think that Donald Trump has grown a small black mustache.

Not everyone is falling for the silliness, however. “These events typically like to attach themselves to the issue of the day, and then bring it back to Muslim oppression in some way,” observed Philip Haney, a retired Homeland Security officer. He has co-written a book called “See Something Say Nothing” which deals with many of these problems.

For pastors who sign onto these types of agreements, we are way past the point where they can claim ignorance as an excuse,” stated the author. He is referring to the fact that, while unity in the pulpit sounds divine, the Islamic faith “denies the Trinity, denies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, denies His death by crucifixion, denies his resurrection and denies his future second coming as the Christian Savior.” This means that while Muslims claim to worship the God of the Bible, that is simply not the case.

If that were all you knew about Islam, it’s more than enough,” Haney also said in reference to this truth. “Why would you go into the mosques and pray with the imams [to Allah]?” Since Christ is said in the Bible to be God in human form, if Allah was not Jesus (as Muslims say that he was not), then he is not the same God worshipped by Christians or some Jews.

These personal connections are critical. We can coexist with differences. People are starting to realize you simply have to honor and celebrate diversity,” countered Imam Rahman as he spoke to the Missoulian. While that is true, is Rahman going to pray to Jesus?

The Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services are also involved in this as the whole altering of the pulpits takes place.

Basically, part of what they are celebrating here is the death of people at the hands of the enemy which in their mind is the white American gun-owning Trump voter,” declared Dick Manasseri, a spokesman for Secure Michigan.

Adding the F.B.I. is more worried about supposed Islamaphobia than terrorism, he added, “They are just masterful at this, taking current event news and putting it into the perspective of Muslim oppression. They are highlighting domestic terrorism. Domestic terror is a plus for them. Remembering Parkland and remembering Las Vegas works well in this regard. The targeting of conservative Christians as white supremacists, racists, and Islamophobes is more aggressive than ever in Michigan. This notion that all the bad people are domestic terrorists is just another way of saying ‘Bible-believing Christians.

What needs to be known here is that, no matter how non-politically correct it may be, Trump supporters and American’s, in general, are not opposed to Islam, they are not Islamaphobes, and they don’t care in the least what skin color someone is. However, it is clear that Muslims often have a problem with those in the West, even if these particular ones do not.

This remains true regardless of how nice most people at the Muslim Unity Center are.

Yes, friendship and unity need to be praised and answers to needless violence has to be found in all communities. Still, to parade a leftist agenda around in the cloak of unification while preaching the anti-Trump dogma only dampens any progress that may be made.