Obama Delusional

PUBLISHED: 5:14 PM 20 Dec 2018

Michelle Obama Casts Slur On First Lady’s Gift Again, Despite Doing Same Thing

One again, Michelle Obama just can’t shut up about a gift that was bestowed upon her by the First Lady, despite doing the exact same thing herself.

Michelle Obama appeared to make fun of getting a gift from First Lady Melania Trump on inauguration day.

Former first lady Michelle Obama appeared make fun, yet again, of first lady Melania Trump on “The Tonight Show” on Tuesday over an exchange the two had on Inauguration Day when Trump handed Obama a very nice gift.

Despite the fact that Obama did the exact same thing when she and Barack met the Bush’s on their inauguration day.

Many people wonder why Obama continues to seek the spotlight, in an unprecedented way, and why the media continues to ignore the very gracious and lovely First Lady.

Host Jimmy Fallon asked Obama what was going through her mind she waved goodbye from Air Force One.

“A lot was going on that day … that was a day,” she responded, adding an anecdote about how her daughters wanted to have a sleepover with friends the night before the busy day.

“So there was that and the Tiffany’s box … it was just a lot,” Obama said, as she made a face in apparent attempt to take a swipe at Trump and the exchange the media deemed “one of the biggest mysteries of the Trump administration,” and one that “befuddled” the Obamas.

The action seemed to yet again bring up the supposed weirdness of the exchange, but there was nothing weird about it.

“Many on Twitter had fun postulating at the time what could be inside the box, with guesses ranging from Cheeto dust to a note that says ‘take me with you’ to President Donald Trump’s infamous tax returns.”

Eventually on The Ellen Degeneres Show everyone found out it was a “lovely frame,” but Obama claimed she was uncomfortable.

“Well, there’s all this protocol. I mean, this is like a state visit, so they tell you that you’re going to do this, they’re going to stand here,” Obama recalled. “Never before do you get this gift, so I’m sort of like, ‘Okay, what am I supposed to do with this gift?”

“I was like, what do you do with the box?” Obama chided.

“But after Obama brought up the viral gift exchange again on Tuesday with Fallon, CNN White House reporter Kate Bennett pointed out Obama did the same thing at the same event in 2009, when she and her husband greeted former President George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush on the steps of the White House.”

“It was sort of a rude thing to say, I thought; Melania Trump was just trying to be nice; she didn’t need to make fun of her for it. But whatever,” Bennett wrote.

Exactly. Rude. Inconsiderate, untruthful, and arrogant. It seems to many people that Michelle Obama has a generous portion of her husband’s untamed egotism.

The entire incident just shows how petty, small, and ineffective the Obama’s were during their scandal-plagued tenure.

It also demonstrates how the mainstream media treats the current First Lady, who has way more poise, class, and dignity that Obama ever had, like a pariah.