Moore Slams Media

PUBLISHED: 10:54 PM 20 Mar 2018

Michael Moore, Senators Whine Media Only Covering Russia And Stormy Daniels

He and the senators say they are distractions to the real issues.

While still wrong, at least Moore (pictured) sticks with real issues.

Uber liberal Michael Moore is wrong as any democrat when it comes to the issues, but he is smart enough to see that the left is standing by a lie (collusion with Russia) and an affair (with pornstar Stormy Daniels) that took place BEFORE President Donald Trump took office and not on the issues which Dem’s claimed mattered, as Breitbart News confirms today.

The notorious Hollywood liberal joined Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) and gun-grabber Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in a live-streamed event on Monday called, “Inequality in America.” The three millionaires talked about how we should all give up our money so that everything will be fair.

Class warfare drivel with no merit or facts, but at least Moore stayed true to the real to the core of the Democratic Platform and not trying to wonder about the xxx details of Ms. Daniels.

Moore feels that the media is “obsessed” with Russia and Stormy, and by extension, are losing out on preaching what he feels is a prudent message. The whole topic began with an issue involving a teacher’s strike by the West Virginia Education Association. The moviemaker heralded the “amazing victory” which “brought down the state’s apparatus” and brought about a 5% increase in pay.

While certainly a heaping helping of liberalism can be seen in regards to this topic, at the very least, Moore is not talking about unicorns and Putin.

Moore told Sanders that he “didn’t see hardly anything” in the MSM about the “demonstration,” a fact which bothered him greatly. “Bernie, I didn’t see hardly anything in the corporate media about this, on any of the networks, even some of the networks that we watch were you know—Russia, turn the channel, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia,” he said, according to the Free Beacon.

The Senator from Vermont then said, “Talk about Stormy Daniels.” Perhaps even Sanders is seeing the error of the left’s ways as it related to coverage and facts. He is, after all, an Independent and not a democrat for a reason.

Calling Trump Jr.’s divorce, the president’s affair (which, unlike former President Bill Clinton did not happen whilst in office), and made up facts about Russia “shiny keys to distract us,” Moore had a point that even those wisely opposed to him can agree with. The democrats have lost their message and become nothing more than the yellow press, and so has the mainstream media, by proxy.

We should know about the West Virginia teacher strike and the victory—what an inspiration that would be around the country,” Moore opined. “They don’t show this, Bernie, because what would happen if they did?

Sanders replied, “In a so-called conservative red state, teachers stood up and fought back and won.”

Paying teachers a little bit better is in no way an issue that the “red-staters” are against, but if it makes Sanders happy to feel that way, that is his right.

If these three blowhards actually cared about wealth distribution, perhaps they might start with their own millions. But, like all democrats, they only want to tell other people which liberties and how much they should have… after all, they have always been the party of slave masters.