Flynn To Change Plea

PUBLISHED: 12:07 AM 21 Feb 2018

Michael Flynn To Withdraw Guilty Plea, Could Bring Down FBI

It looks like Robert Mueller’s indictments could be falling apart.

General Michael Flynn has moved to change his guilty plea bargain to a call of innocence.

Stunning news was quietly delivered on Friday by Judge Emmet Sullivan. While not publicly delivered, a court order revealed the new development in the Russian collusion scandal.

Former national security advisor to President Trump, General Michael Flynn has withdrawn his guilty plea from the courts. Primed and poised to take down the deep state and the corrupt FBI, Flynn cites government misconduct for changing his plea from guilty to innocent.

Earlier last week, Judge Sullivan sent an order to Special Counsel Robert Mueller for the release of information. Demanding that Flynn’s attorney be provided with exculpatory evidence.

The Mueller investigation has been granted unlimited resources in their McCarthyite witch hunt. The first victim, Flynn, is now asking for any evidence the team may have gathered which proves his innocence.

In late November of 2017, Flynn was charged by the special counsel of lying to a federal agent. Flynn delivered a guilty plea the following day.

Less than a week after his initial guilty plea, the case was reassigned to the Hon. Sullivan.

Moving swiftly, one of the first acts of the new judge was to ask that the Mueller investigation expediently turn over any information that would determine the defendant guilty. The judge also asked that any information that showed Flynn favorable should also be turned over to the court and presented to an in-camera review.

Judge Sullivan issues the Brady order in every case. Forcing the government to turn over evidence that could exonerate the accused, the judge has uncovered government corruption and abuse before.

The Brady order was issued in December. Since then Washington has been shaken with bombshell reports related to intelligence gathering and the Russian investigation.

The House Intelligence Committee has since released a memo describing abuses carried out by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). Allowing the government to monitor foreign nationals, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is supposed to require an immense amount of information in order to unmask American citizens.

Claiming Carter Page was not picked up in incidental surveillance, the Republican memo shows how the Obama administration conspired against President Trump and his campaign. Abusing government powers, the Obama administration worked with a political party to sabotage an opponent’s campaign.

Abuse of the FISA warrants may be connected with the charges brought against Flynn. The original judge overseeing the case, Hon. Contreras is one of three justices to sit on the FISC bench.

It is very likely that Contreras was given information paid for by the Democratic National Committee and created by a foreign spy with help from Russian lobbyists. The Steele dossier was presented to the FISA court as probable cause to get a mass surveillance warrant.

After Flynn was charged with lying to the federal agents, reports began surfacing that agents who worked his case held a bias or contempt towards the Republican.

Texts messages from former Mueller investigators proved that many within the agency were working to undermine the incoming administration. Peter Strzok who was removed from the Mueller investigation was also the head of the Flynn investigation.

Strzok was a part of the Clinton server investigation and had a hand in the forwarding of the Steele dossier. With a controversial figure acting on multiple cases and showcasing animosity towards the president simultaneously, it becomes plausible that some evidence may have been coerced illegally during the investigation.

Former Obama holdover, acting attorney general Sally Yates ordered Strzok to interview Flynn. Yates was the first person to declare the original travel ban unconstitutional.

Yates was hailed as a hero by current Mueller investigator Andrew Weissman.

Mueller’s team is now being forced to hand over any evidence they have gathered which may relate to Mike Flynn. The special counsel must hand over all information or be held in contempt.

The order for exculpatory evidence means the Mueller investigation cannot single-handedly decide what is and is not important to the charges against Flynn. The most recent declaration of the Brady order hints that no material evidence was presented to Flynn before he accepted a guilty plea bargain.

Judge Sullivan is one of the nations most premier judges when it comes to government corruption and abuse of powers. If any justice was in a position to reveal widespread deep state corruption, it is Judge Sullivan.