Cohen Drops Lawsuit

PUBLISHED: 6:45 PM 19 Apr 2018

Michael Cohen Drops Lawsuit Over Trump Dossier Following FBI Raid

Cohen drops libel suit to focus on FBI's investigation.

Cohen drops lawsuit over dossier to focus on Mueller.

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, dropped libel lawsuits against BuzzFeed and Fusion GPS over the publication of the scandalous dossier, giving Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s gestapo a big win, according to the New York Post.

Cohen filed libel suits against both BuzzFeed and Fusion GPS for publishing the unsubstantiated dossier in late 2016, which made numerous salacious claims about Trump colluding with the Russian government.

The dossier claimed Cohen met with Russian officials in Prague during the 2016 presidential election, which Cohen has vehemently denied. And, now he is essentially being forced to drop the suit to fend off Mueller’s latest bag of tricks.

On Wednesday, Cohen announced that he would be abandoning the lawsuit after Mueller gave a referral to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to raid his home, office, and hotel.

Last week, the federal agents seized documents regarding the $130,000 payment and nondisclosure agreement Cohen has with adult film star Stormy Daniels.

“The decision to voluntarily discontinue these cases was a difficult one,” said David Schwartz, Cohen’s attorney. “We believe the defendants defamed my client, and vindicating Mr. Cohen’s rights was – and still remains – important. But given the events that have unfolded, and the time, attention, and resources needed to prosecute these matters, we have dismissed the matters, despite their merits.”

Former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele was hired in late 2015 by Fusion GPS to compile the dossier against Trump. In his salacious 35-page document, Steele claimed Cohen was in Prague colluding with Russia; Trump consorted with Russia models while they urinated on one other in 2013; and that Trump’s campaign officials were colluding with the Kremlin to defeat Clinton’s campaign. All lies.

Adding fuel to the fire, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid Fusion GPS roughly $9 million to fund Steele’s operation.

The FBI has admitted numerous times that it cannot verify the dossier nor corroborate the major claims made in it. Yet, BuzzFeed still published the piece in January 2017 despite major concerns over the validity of the document and the slanderous claims made about Trump and Cohen.

Cohen’s team is preparing to use all hands on deck to fight back against Mueller’s latest stunt. He was forced to drop the suit because he admittedly must focus all of his legal attention on Mueller’s gestapo, which kicked off last week during the raid.

Following the raid, (which by the way was approved by the judge officiating at Soros’ wedding) Trump called Mueller’s action a disgrace to the nation and said it went against everything the American people stand for and believe in. And he’s right – Mueller’s witch hunt has gone too far and he is investigating things well outside of his job description.

Many Americans agree with Trump and Cohen that Mueller has cross a serious ethical and legal line, and it’s time to fight back.