Soldier Pardoned

PUBLISHED: 5:02 PM 7 May 2019

Michael Behenna Pardoned By President

Former Army First Lieutenant Michael Behenna, who served five years in prison after being convicted of murdering a suspected Al-Qaeda terrorist, has been pardoned by President Trump.

It appears as if he should have never been found guilty.

A full pardon was issued for former Army First Lieutenant Michael Behenna by President Trump on Monday.

Behenna served five years in prison after being convicted of murdering a suspected Al-Qaeda terrorist, but the evidence was apparently stacked against him.

Fox News reported:

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders cited “broad support” for Michael Behenna, of Edmond, Okla., “from the military, Oklahoma elected officials, and the public” –including 37 generals and admirals, along with a former Pentagon inspector general—as the reason for Trump’s clemency grant. Sanders also said Behenna had been a “model prisoner” while serving his sentence.

“After judgment, however, the U.S. Army’s highest appellate court noted concern about how the trial court had handled Mr. Behenna’s claim of self-defense.  Additionally, the Army Clemency and Parole Board reduced his sentence to 15 years and paroled him as soon as he was eligible in 2014—just 5 years into his sentence.”

“In light of these facts, Mr. Behenna is entirely deserving of this Grant of Executive Clemency,” Sanders concluded.

The Daily Caller reported:

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter has repeatedly petitioned the White House for clemency, writing to Attorney General Bill Barr last month that Behenna’s conviction was predicated on improper procedure by prosecutors.

In May 2008, Behenna was questioning Ali Mansur Mohamed, a suspected terrorist who had allegedly been involved in an IED attack that killed two U.S. soldiers. The interrogation ended when Behenna fired two rounds into the terrorist — which the 1st Lt. claimed was in self-defense after Mansur lunged for his pistol.

Behenna, who was 24 at the time, said he acted in self-defense when Mansur also hurled a chunk of concrete at him, and “in 2018, Behenna’s parents told Fox News the prosecution failed to disclose that their own expert’s analysis supported their son’s version of events.

“The expert felt so strongly that he reached out to the Behennas about his findings.”

Behenna currently lives in Oklahoma.