PUBLISHED: 10:13 PM 14 Nov 2017

Mexico’s Police Seize Drug Cartel’s Newest Weapon As Drug War Escalates To New Levels

The war on drugs ramps up as Attorney General Jeff Sessions cracks down on marijuana and gang activity.

The war on drugs ramps up as Attorney General Jeff Sessions cracks down on marijuana and gang activity.

Just south of the American border with Mexico, authorities have acquiesced a van mounted artillery cannon used to fire packages of illegal drugs over the border.

The Attorney General of Sonora captured the incredible creation. Not too far from Douglas, Arizona near the town of Aqua Prieta, a joint operation with military personnel and law enforcement was carried out.

The makeshift bazooka consisted of a huge steel pipe and an air compressor fitted into the back of a minivan. Using the device drug runners could effectively launch drugs directly into the United States.

Ammunitions were found and cataloged. 825 kilograms (1,800 pounds) of marijuana, as well as about 2,000 bullets for more conventional firearms of various caliber were found. None of the criminals that operated the cannon were arrested in the operation.

Mexican smugglers are getting more and more inventive. This is the second air powered cannon found near Aqua Prieta. About a year ago, a cannon with a 10-foot barrel with the capacity to fire 60-pound packages flying over the border fence was apprehended.

Cannons are just the most recent representation of the struggles of smuggling. Over the years other techniques such as tunnels and aircraft have been used. Some stranger methods include stuffing fruit or wheelchairs. Catapults have been used in the same capacity.

Border Patrol agents in Arizona have found and dismantled a catapult used to transport at least 47 pounds of marijuana over a border fence. In February, the catapult was discovered on the Mexican side of the border outside the Douglas Port of Entry in Pima County, Arizona.

Two bundles were found next to the catapult. United States Customs and Border Protection said the two packages weighed more than 47 pounds. The Border Patrol agents kept the marijuana, but the Mexican authorities took control of the dismantled catapult system.

Attached to the border wall between Agua Prieta, Sonora and Douglas, the catapult was made with welded steel parts that resembled a basketball backstop, according to the Tucson Sentinel. The Sentinel also reports that back 2011 a trebuchet was discovered outside NAco, Arizona.

In December, two U.S. teenagers were arrested for possession of 34 pounds of marijuana. Authorities believe that the drugs were fired into Naco by use of air cannon.

Air powered drug cannon mounted in van is seized by Mexican Law enforcement.

Air powered drug cannon mounted in van is seized by Mexican Law enforcement.

Last month, roughly 3,000 pounds of marijuana inside a commercial shipment of packages shaped like watermelons. The contraband was confiscated at the Pharr International Bridge cargo facility in Texas.

President Trump campaign on a platform of border security. President Trump has promised us a great wall that will stretch from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico. It seems almost too clear that legal immigration poses zero threat to the American dream.

Illegal immigration across our southern border results in many people coming over, not all are from Mexico. Some people have traveled an entire continent to try and get into our country.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been condemning marijuana in all its forms. Sessions has also visited El Salvador in an effort to become more acquainted with the blood thirsty gang, MS-13.

Perhaps the attorney general has linked the two issues and believes that a crackdown on pot related charges will result in the suppression of the violent gang. In a sweeping one-two punch, both problems, narcotics and gang violence, may be dampened by the construction of a border wall.

8 prototype walls built outside of San Diego

8 prototype walls built outside of San Diego

Prototypes for the wall are already being built near San Diego’s border with Tijuana. There are more than a few different designs and structures that the president wants examined and discussed with customs agents.

Some of the more grandiose ideas that have been floated by the president and his supporters range from solar panels spanning the distance of the wall to a monorail train that runs along it. With the discovery of devices capable of launching narcotics over great distances, the wall seems like a veritable godsend.

“The wall just got ten feet higher!” President Trump is well aware of all the challenges that me be introduced with the completion of a border wall.  Cartel members are notorious for digging tunnels. El Chapo was borrowed out of maximum security, the cartel can most likely excavate underneath the wall.

Israel has implemented seismic detectors along their border wall. The Israeli wall was built to help deter attacks from Palestinian terrorists. Their wall and counter mining technologies have been very effective at protecting the Israeli people.