PUBLISHED: 5:58 PM 21 Jul 2016
UPDATED: 2:02 AM 22 Jul 2016

Mexico Did It So We Don’t Have To, Trump’s Plan Working Perfectly


A couple days ago, a country, very familiar to all of us, issued an invasion threat. Mexico, who is a major source of illegals in this country, just issued a very serious threat against our nation.

Mexican President Enrique Peno Nieto issued a threat the the “world economic summit.” He said that “there would be grave consequences” if Trump is to get elected President of the United States.  He told the audience at the forum ” all the Mexicans in the USA will be going back home to Mexico.”

In addition to threatening “grave consequences” against the United States with Trump as president, Nieto has also said that he will be closing the border to Americans.”

The Mexican President is afraid that Americans will “flood their country and bring violence to their streets.” He has said that, in recent times “Many Americans have expressed a desire to relocate to our country in the event that Donald Trump becomes President. We cannot have Mexico flooded with criminals and rapists.”

Well, it would seem that the Mexican president isn’t completely aware of the immigration situation from his country, which is a sad truth. It’s MEXICO that keeps sending drugs, crime, and gangs to the United States, not the other way around.

During an interview with the Spanish language news station, Telemundo, Nieto said

“Further action will be taken by the Mexican government to ensure every single citizen of Mexico currently residing in the United States is brought home safely.”

Wow. It looks like Mexicans are becoming more racist by the day. This statement also confirms that Mexican illegals living in the United States now absolutely need to be deported. 

If our cities, especially near the U.S.-Mexico border are becoming home to ultra nationalist illegal Mexicans, we may soon be have a race war on our hands.

Legal Mexican Americans, however, are afraid of Nieto’s statement. Mexico’s president has expressed that although he fears  shutting down trade with America’s third largest trade partner would prevent them from receiving over half a trillion dollars worth of products a year, he agrees it’s the right move in the long run.

Nieto also made a statement directly to Donald Trump. He proclaimed,

“Too long has the Mexican worker in America been discriminated and oppressed because of his skin color,” and when our people come back home, they will take our food, music, culture and all things Mexican along with them. And in case you’re reading this, Mr. Trump – yes, that does include Mexican prostitutes you’re so secretly fond of. So, you can forget about the Sunday night specials with all-you-can-undress free deals. Because, we know everything.”

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