PUBLISHED: 11:24 PM 15 Nov 2017

Mexico Cartel Announces New Weapon As “ISIS-Style” Attacks On The Rise

If these attacks are rising, that isn’t good!

In the ever escalating war on drugs, the cartels find themselves fighting for their lives. As President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions crackdown on illegal immigration and drug trafficking, the bad hombres are ramping up their war effort.

Last month the federal police in Mexico apprehended an unmanned aerial vehicle during a felony traffic stop. The UAV was weaponized. It had been armed and was in the trunk of the vehicle ready to be deployed.

Stored along with an AK47 assault rifle and spare clips, the drone was equipped with a remote controlled improvised explosive device filled with shrapnel. The 3DR Solo Quadcopter is capable of flying up to 55 miles per hour with the payload.

Using a sling attached to the underside of the drone, the bomb can be safely stored and released. The bombs would be filled with reactive agents such as sulfur, aluminum, or potassium chlorate for the explosion and rusty nails or scrap metal for the bang.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia would use similar tactics. Their bombs would sometimes include human feces for added lethality. If the nails hit you, the bacteria would finish you off.

Wrapped in duct tape, the bombs can resemble a potato. These weapons closely resemble the tactics ISIS has been employing since 2015.

The Islamic State in the Levant have become most adept at using this technology to their advantage. Using the drones as mobile IED, the group has been met largely with success.

Cartels are no strangers to drones. Since their inception, cartels have used drone to fly drugs across the border and into the United States. The discovery in Mexico’s central Guanajuato state represents the first time that organized crime in the region has used a weaponized drone.

Federal police believe that this aerial vehicle was intended for rival gang members. This year is set to be the deadliest yet for Mexico’s drug war. In September, a national report which indicated more than 2,564 homicides in that month alone, putting the country on pace for an all-time high of 21,200 murders in 2017.  This can indicate a coming storm of flying bombs.

If the events happening in Colombia are any indication to go off of, these kind of explosive devices are going to become widely used. The potato bomb was developed to be used against security forces in Colombia.

In the five decades of civil war to ravage the country, bombs have made their way into the main body of the para military forces. Originally designed to be thrown by hand or launched from home made mortars, tatucas.

Long-range drone models costs roughly $250, literally giving cartels an endless supply of arms. Speed, surprise, precision, ease of use, and cost effectiveness are some of the advantages of drone warfare.

Since the arrest and recapture of Sinaloa head Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, the cartel has shattered and is in pieces. This has left the cartel to be ravaged by serious infighting within their ranks. The crippled Sinaloa Cartel has been attacked brutally by outside opportunists.

The area where device was found is a hotly disputed area for the multiple crime organizations. The list includes the Jalisco: New Generation Cartel (CJNG), the Sinaloa Cartel, and the Zetas. Based on underlying patterns in their modum operandi.  Experts believe the New Generation Cartel are to blame for the drone bomb.

Jalisco: New Generation Cartel is a relatively new family to come onto the scene. They take an excessively aggressive stance when it comes to confrontation. Known to stand off with state and military forces they use armor vehicles and anti-armor rounds such as rocket propelled grenades, RPGs, as well as .50 caliber rounds and belt fed machine guns.

Jalisco: New Generation Cartel

Most of these weapons have been tracked to originate from the United States. Placed into the same smuggling vehicles used to get drugs across the border, weapons and munitions are then loaded in and the cars are driven back into Mexico.

Border security has never been so essential to the citizens of America. Fully armed and well equipped terrorist organizations are operating in central Mexico with near immunity from the government. President Trump ran on the promise of a secure border and construction has started on the wall.