Mexican Killers Arrested

PUBLISHED: 9:11 PM 10 Oct 2018

Mexican Authorities Arrest Couple After Finding Them With Stroller Of Body Parts

They were reportedly arrested while walking through the city of Ecatepec in Mexico with a stroller full of dismembered body parts.

Law enforcement officials in Ecatepec, Mexico recently arrested a man and his wife, who they found walking through the city with a stroller full of dismembered body parts, for allegedly murdering anywhere between ten to twenty people (pictured above).  

Just recently, a man and woman in Mexico were placed under arrest for allegedly murdering approximately twenty people. Alarmingly, the murderous couple reportedly had evidence of their grisly crimes stashed everywhere, including a baby stroller that they had been pushing when arrested.

The male suspect also, quite horrifically, admitted to selling the two-month-old baby of one of their victims to another person.

Specifically, Mexican authorities recently arrested a man and his wife, who have since been identified only as “Juan Carlos N.” and “Patricia N.,” while reportedly pushing a baby stroller filled with dismembered human body parts through Ecatepec, Mexico, which is a suburb of Mexico City.

According to reports, they were placed under arrest on suspicion of murdering ten people during an investigation looking into the sudden disappearance of three women and a two-month-old baby.

Shockingly, though, while in custody, the male suspect, who has since been dubbed the “Monster of Ecatepec,” claimed that they were actually responsible for twice as many deaths.

Apparently, he gave a detailed account of the original ten killings and then mentioned to police that both he and his wife had taken the lives of ten other people in addition to that. He also, quite disturbingly, admitted to selling one of their victim’s two-month-old baby to someone else.  

Upon searching the male suspects’ home, local law enforcement officials reportedly found eight plastic buckets filled with dismembered body parts and cement. They also discovered more remains wrapped in plastic bags inside of a refrigerator and have since sent the evidence to be tested.

“He described it in a completely natural way…I would say he actually seemed happy to have done this,” explained Alejandro Gomez, who’s a prosecutor for the state of Mexico, while speaking to reporters about the male suspect’s startling confession.  

“He wants people to see his picture, to know his name…I would obviously classify this person as a murderer, a serial killer,” added Gomez, who mentioned that they are now in the process of determining whether his claims are founded or if they’re the fictitious boasts of a “serial killer” or “psychopath.”

The prosecutor also pointed out that the killings appeared to be motivated by a hatred of women. Audio recordings of his confession that have since been released in which he said that he purportedly targeted the people who he claimed to murder “because of the hatred I have for them” and asserted “if I leave I will continue to kill women.”

When asked to clarify, he stated, “if I’m not happy, nobody is going to be happy.”

Unsurprisingly, the arrest of the suspected killers sent a shockwave through Mexico. Upon hearing about their capture, hundreds of people in the city reportedly gathered around an improvised altar holding candles and white flowers. They also collectively demanded that the local authorities do more to combat violence against women and girls.

“I’m here because I know that the dead woman could have been me, or my daughter, or any of us, nobody is safe here,” stated Rafaela Mundo Adame, who was one of the many women at the protest, when asked about her reason for attendance.

The targeting of women and children is, unfortunately, quite frequent in Mexico. In fact, according to reports, seven women and girls in the country were apparently killed every day in 2016.

Sadly, it is not very uncommon for women and children to be harmed or killed outside of Mexico as well.

For example, a few weeks ago, police officers in Louisiana reportedly arrested a 23-year-old mother and her 26-year-old girlfriend for allegedly working together to murder a 7-month-old baby.

After killing the infant child, they then apparently called 911 and made up a story about people breaking into their home and kidnapping their kid. The officers purportedly realized that there were massive inconsistencies with their story and figured out what had actually happened.

Several weeks before that, deputies in Alabama who were acting on a tip about a child possibly being abused placed three people under arrest after finding a 13-year-old teen chained up inside their home.

What’s worse, upon rescuing the child, investigators reportedly discovered that he had also been forced to go to sleep inside of a crate made for dogs at night.

Prior to that, police officers in South Carolina apparently arrested a 38-year-old man from Texas after he sneaked  into the women’s restroom at a local gas station convenience store wearing a dress and wig. Once inside the restroom, the man then proceeded to use his cell phone to film a woman who was inside a stall.

And before that, a 36-year-old illegal immigrant from Peru was reportedly arrested by law enforcement officials in California for pretending to be a rideshare driver to allegedly engage in the sexual assault of at least four women.