PUBLISHED: 7:37 PM 13 Apr 2017

Merkel Finally Admits: There Is No Doubt Refugees Are Responsible

Flip flopping to “should they stay or should they go,” Merkel (pictured) now again admits some refugees that she allowed in are a security threat.

THE SIX STEPS OF DESTROYING A NATION AND ITS SURROUNDINGS (aka “How to Ruin an Entire Continent With Indecision”).

Step one, decide to open the borders to refugees who claim to be in need of protection from sharia Islam without proper vetting Just “trust” them. Step two, question that idea before it happens in light of logic and the violent history of radical Muslims. Instead, secure a police force and make sure that they won’t hurt anyone, but do NOT allow a mass of refugees to enter. Ask the police to pledge this, and they do. Step three, rescind the police order, tell them to stand down, and open the border after worrying about a PC U.N. who would rather see terror than wisdom applied. Step four, decide that step two was right ONLY after terrorism ruins Europe and offer then to pay $76 million dollars to get the refugees to leave while step five allows the door to remain open for a bit longer, must to be safe.

If this sounds like utter madness, final step six says to admit that “there is no doubt” that some of the people let in on step three are a security threat. This is exactly what E.U. leader Angela Merkel has done since the Syrian refugee crisis has arrived at her doorstep. Nothing in that whole series makes any sense at all, it sounds like a thought pattern from someone suffering delirium tremens, and yet it is what she really did. “There is no doubt that among so many people who have sought shelter in our country, there were also people who have become the focus of security authorities,” she said, adding, “We owe it to the innocent refugees to pursue those who choose to abuse our will to help.


As cringe-worthy statistics prove her wrong, Merkel has had to admit her folly.

The reason that this is such a laughable statement is because this is what everyone, including U.S. President Donald Trump, has said would be the outcome since it began. The right-leaning thinkers in America has been proven correct beyond the scope of any previous definition of the word “correct” and Merkel has just said it herself. She opened the borders for the good of everyone and all that it did was hurt everyone, instead, because she did not stick to her own wisdom and do it properly.

She dodged a question that asked if her policies were to blame by saying that Germany/E.U, “was already a target for Islamist terrorism before refugees arrived,” but that excuse is as a hollow as the empty pumpkin on her shoulders. Every city in America has thugs, gang members, and garden variety thieves who make most homes a “target,” but those homes don’t choose to respond by opening their front door and then saying, “they targeted us anyway” when Blue Ray player is missing. Her argument only makes her MORE guilty, in actuality.

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 20: President Donald Trump delivers his inaugural address on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. In today's inauguration ceremony Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Donald Trump has called Merkel’s E.U. a mess due to her border flaws.

She continues down the road of error by saying, “We know that we are threatened like many other countries, and do everything in our power to ensure freedom for the citizens – even in close coordination between the federal government and the federal states.” This admission should bring the population to her doorstep with pitchforks, tar, and, feathers because she just admitted that she KNEW (as did other nations) that this was a danger and she did it anyhow. How are her people free when the most peaceful of nations during the last 100 years or longer, Sweden, is now the rape capital of the world? It can be imagined that a lot of innocent women, who have been violated in the most unholy of ways, have a few things to say regarding how Merkel worked to “ensure freedom” for them.

The United Kingdom left the European Union mostly for reasons having to do with Merkel’s open borders. Capital had a role in it, but that alone would never have lead to the E.U. departure. This was caused by ludicrous plans of hers which has allowed Islam to attack Dj’s, celebrate terror when it happens in London, and even leads to beatings so bad in Australia (which is still “under” the English Queen) that those who love Christ and show it before Easter are beaten like dogs for displaying a cross. Instead of justice, they are told to “hide the cross.” Merkel has made cowering cowards with her policy, a people prepared to be conquered.


Pictured is what radical Islam has brought to areas where they were welcomed.

It is no secret that not all of Islam is wanting to harm anyone, we have been hearing that lecture since 2001 when the towers killed 3,000 people as they fell atop them. The trouble is that, in part because Obama funded ISIS or groups that fled to them once they got his “free guns,” ISIS and those akin to them are now so powerful that we can’t easily fight them. We also can not tell a radical Islamist from a peaceful man or woman who desires nothing more than safety and a little love. It may sound “left” to say it, but it stands, for that is where the real rub is to be found.

The “greedy, evil, white, hateful Christian, American, ‘insert leftist slur here’” who hates everyone based on their skin tone and if they pray facing East or not does not really exist.  There are not vast amounts of racists, bigots, and evil white majorities aiming to hold anyone down who is different and declaring it as a life goal. Those people are made up by the MSM and do not exist in any numbers high enough to bother talking about. What DOES exist is the average person (perhaps white) in the West who means no one any harm, who does NOT want to see dead children on a beach, and who are as loving as any social justice warrior.


Merkel has allowed the most hateful people on the planet today free roam within the E.U.

HOWEVER, such a person want’s common logic used. If we let 5,000 vetted people into a nation instead of 10,000, some of those not allowed in may die. Still, if we allow the full 10,000 and only 5% are radical sharia Islamists, that is 100 people who will bomb, rape, kill, beat, or otherwise abuse those who are not of the sharia mindset. To put this into perspective, if a new arm of the Bloods or the Crips (street gangs) were to open up down the street from one’s house, imagine the grief that would be incoming. Sadly, such analogies seem lost on Merkel, depending on which step she is on this week.