PUBLISHED: 9:52 PM 13 Feb 2017

Merkel Finally Admits Mistake, Now Paying Muslim Migrants $76M Total To Leave Country Immediately


Merkel has painted herself into a corner so badly that now even the worst ideas are being grasped at as solutions.

History is full of dreadful errors in judgment such as when England underestimated the power of a handful of unruly Pilgrims. Rather that confront the problems that the settlers had, England made the already growing problem much worse by sending soldiers over to “take charge.” Neither idea was a particularly good idea, but the two combined proved as a powder keg, and thus, America was born.

Angela Merkel would be a great person to rely this history lesson someday because she could use herself as an example for added clarity. Her dreadful error in judgment was letting more refugees into the European Union than could be absorbed. This lead to mass rapes, acts of terror, and thus, a free Britain was born, so to speak.  Merkel has continued in the wrong direction of decision making by now wanting to spend $76 million to pay asylum seekers to withdraw their request for asylum. The money is then to be used for them to leave the nation.


The violence that came with the refugee influx has lead to many problems not just in Germany, but int the E.U. as a whole.

Now, this is almost too ridiculous to really put into words, but here we go; Angela Merkel, rather than take Donald Trump’s idea of creating a safe zone in Syria by working with NATO, decided to welcome in virtually everyone that claimed a need. There was no way to tell if they were even from Syria or not but this did not stop Merkel. Once the fallout happened as expected by taking in so many Muslims who were not properly known before they entered, Merkel NOW wants to spend even more of the EU’s money that has been disintegrated in her policies to send her “guests” home! Keep in mind that Donald Trump was a “fool/idiot/Hitler” for suggesting that it may be cheaper and a bit more humane to keep them safe in Syria. Now Merkel is just sending them back to lands that are not even safe.

Keeping only half of Trump’s plan is not going to prove very popular to the average E.U. taxpayer. This can only prove a huge boon for populist and Trump-like La Penn who is making a strong name for herself in France’s presidential race. Merkel has foolishly said, “We rely heavily on voluntary departures” which means that she thinks that those who are NOT there to harm anyone is going to volunteer to go back once they are safe in the E.U. and ISIS still looms at home. One can’t imagine that the line of “voluntary departures” can be very long.


Merkel’s terrible policies lead to the loss of Great Britain from the E.U. Now Merkel may be set to make things even more costly.

The other and most insidious problem found within this idea is that now Merkel is going to send a whole lot of money all over the Middle East. Since we have thus far established that no sane person is going to leave the E.U. by choice while the beheadings are still happening if your head is exposed, then that leaves the not sane, aka, the terrorist. They would love very much to take that money and go fleeing to areas where the exchange rate on a pocket full of Euro’s from Merkel can be used for things like rockets, guns, and (Mohamed willing) weapons of mass destruction if they all pull together as a team.

This, some will say, it brilliant because it will get the terrorist element at least out of the E.U. but this is not the case. For starters, the E.U. has no earthly idea who most of these people even are. Secondly, that means that they can simply return to the area where the terror cells meet and donate the gift from Merkel before returning back as a refugee because the Syrian war is not over yet. The E.U. is supposed to have fingerprinting and things like it to prevent this from being an option, but again, the system is flooded. If not, the vetting would have worked the first time a bit better.


President Donald Trump gave the world free advice on how to best solve the refugee crisis, but Merkel has a more expensive idea.

That leaves one more group of people, the innocents. Those Muslims who are really not evil, not wanting to harm anyone, and are simply not happy in the E.U.  Be it due to too much sex on TV, the odd looks that they get as they wear their traditional attire, or maybe just a good old fashion case of home-sickness, they are unhappy. By Merkel supplying them with this money, they are going to move home to….what? A WAR!

The same war that they fled from, as a matter of fact. Now, WHY did they flee? They fled because ISIS and groups like it stole everything that they owned. So, when these easy targets move back into the war zone that is not yet solved, those terror groups are going to steal everything that the refugees own, which in this case, is $76 million.

At this point the failure it too big for mockery. Not Hitler when he lost the war by entering Stalingrad, Custer when he underestimated the power of angry Indians, or Kadaffi when he called Obama a “friend” has any leader been so terribly lost when it comes to world affairs and the simple reality that is right in front of them. Now that the European Union is all but bankrupted both morally and economically by her plans, Merkel is left with options that are so bad to “fix” it that Saturday Night Live won’t need a joke writer for six months, and yet she persists.


Merkel allowed Greece to be destroyed and wallow in thrid world conditions while wanting to give $76 million dollars to refugees.

Whatever the German word for “impeachment” is may be what is needed here. For the price of what poor vetting was used, the housing of the refugees, the cost of feeding them, and giving them medical help combined with the cost of the crime that came with it could have paid for ten safe zones in Syria. Add to that the cost now of the $76 million and at some point, one wonders if Germany couldn’t have simply bought Syria.

All jokes aside, it may be time to really question the mental stability of Angela Merkel. The people of Germany and the E.U are paying a fortune for a refugee crisis that just keeps getting worse and more expensive at the same time. Merkel had better get her ducks in a row because as it stands, the E.U. is going to certainly see more departures if nations like Greece are allowed to wallow in near third world nation conditions while the refugees that just arrived are given millions of dollars in free money. When these departures happen from the E.U., will anyone blame them?