Men Will Be Men: Muslim Nation Cracks Down

PUBLISHED: 4:23 PM 30 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 4:23 PM 30 Jan 2018

Men Will Be Men, Muslim-Majority Nation Cracks Down On Gender Identity

This has become a terrifying situation where people are being hurt.

Police are making men act manly in this Muslim-dominated area.

For some reason, the world just can never get it right when it comes to what America calls the Bill of Rights. It is not supposed to be up to the government to go out of their way to cater to gays or non-gays, for instance, yet they do. The U.S. tries to force everyone to think the same on the matter rather than allowing each person to peacefully judge for themselves.

On the other side of extremism is Indonesia.

Channel News Asia reports that “Indonesian police forcibly cut the hair of a group of transgender women and made them wear male clothing.” While some may cheer this, it is only going to make the gay community come out as oppressed and soon it will be a rainbow White House in Indonesia, too. Still, this “men will be men” attitude is going to breed a lot of hostility in the region due to the methods employed.

This is a “crackdown on the LGBT community in the world’s biggest Muslim-majority nation,” so therein lies the problem. Islamist’s always wish to take over a nation by claiming that they (like gays) are hated due to their religion. Then, when accepted, they take power and start reminding everyone of why their religion was hated to start with.

This all happened after several beauty salons in the Aceh Province which is quite conservative, even by Islamic standards, had some issues. Authorities “rounded up a dozen transgender employees over claims they had teased a group of boys” and they accused of violating Islamic law.

There is the so-called “religion of peace” shown going after those who are not violent, once again. The gay lifestyle may not be accepted by Muslims nor should it have to be. By the same token, no gay man or woman should be bothered if they are harming no one. This simple fact is lost on so many.

Muslims nearby tried to attack the gay men even as they were being taken away. Most likely, if they had been permitted to, they would have slaughtered them in ways too unspeakable to convey (such as Libyan leader Qaddafi suffered).

We have reports from mothers that their sons were teased by the transgender women,” said local police chief Ahmad Untung Surianata. “Their numbers are growing here – I don’t want that.

When one considers just what some of the gay lobby has done in the U.S., this worry is not without merit. Sexuality, be it gay or otherwise, need not even be addressed 24/7 as is the case in the West, yet some want to march around and force it upon everyone. While this is part of freedom, it does work to make gays part of an agenda that is an enemy of God (even a Muslim god) and some homosexuals embrace this.

It is also reported that “a Christian was publicly flogged for selling alcohol in the conservative region,” so this abuse is widespread and endorsed. Police have also started shaving the heads of non-Muslims and others.

Leaders are also trying to “change their [gays] mentality,” something that is likely done closer to the way that North Korea would do it, not the U.S. Christian church.

Still, leftists won’t begin marching in the streets because Islam is a protected class for them. They don’t care about Christians nor even their own beloved special class of gays when it comes to Islam. As this story breaks, it will be conservatives who are most likely to stand up for these persecuted gays, not their own Democrats.

This truth speaks volumes to anyone willing to hear.

Sources: The Conservative Daily PostChannel News Asia