FBI Memos Shock

PUBLISHED: 6:38 PM 6 Jul 2018

Memos Reveal FBI Actions To Target Trump Campaign

The recently released memos show that there was a rush to find anything to target members of the trump campaign.

Recently released memos reveal that the FBI took multiple actions to target the Donald Trump campaign ,and suggest that this was done purposefully and with political bias.

Multiple investigations concerning the actions of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as various members of the agency, previous to the 2016 election are being conducted. In fact, there are still lingering questions about the role that a number of executives and agents in the Bureau played in the ‘deep state’- led investigation into Donald Trump, his campaign, and other legally and ethically-questionable events.

However, even in the early stages of these inquests, investigators are already finding ‘troubling’ evidence, mostly in the form of internal communications within the FBI, which were withheld from public view. Among these statements is one quote about the need to do something that “keeps hurry the F up pressure on” to get warrants on the Trump campaign. The messages also show the search for a ‘pretext’ for an investigation into the campaign, a ‘dragon’ and ‘crossfire FISA’ warrent, and worse actions still.

The public is already aware of at least some of Peter Strzok’s text messages concerning his disdain for the President and his obvious political preference for Hillary Clinton.

Many of those texts were sent to Lisa Page, with whom he had an affair. They showed that Agent Strzok, the man who was, at the time, driving the investigation into allegations of ‘Russian collusion’ that still have not yielded any evidence of such, openly ‘disdained’ the man who became president of the United States.

Documents being released by the FBI to the Department of Justice, including memos handed over to the Office of the Inspector General and to various Senate and House committees, offer information that many have called “damning” or “troubling” in nature.

The newly-released information shows that Strzok, and his team of counterintelligence agents, rushed during fall of 2016 to find any “derogatory” information they could from informants and sources in order to act as a “pretext” to accelerate the probe and to get surveillance warrants.

The new documents show that the FBI counterintelligence were happy to utilize any excuse they could find as a pretext.

For example, they talked about the letter that Carter Page sent to FBI Director James Comey on in September 2016, after numerous articles revealed that the Bureau was ‘investigating’ Page’s travel to Moscow.

Page complained about the “completely false” leak to Comey.

Within Weeks, Strzok and company were using that leak to justify a warrant from a FISA court, which allowed the FBI to monitor Page and his communications.

Despite more than a year of nonstop surveillance of the Trump campaign members, the FBI never charged him with any wrongdoing of any sort.

Some of the memos released show the pressure that members of the Bureau were applying to Justice Department officials, hoping to get the warrant to spy on Page before election day.

In an email with the subject line “Crossfire FISA,” a reference to the “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation into ‘Russian matters’ concerning the 2016 election, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page discussed strategy.

Specifically, they strategized talking points to help them to get then- FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was dismissed in disgrace by Donald Trump, to help persuade high-ranking officials at the Department of Justice to approve a warrant.

On October 14, 2016, less than four weeks before election day, Strzok emailed Page saying “at minimum, that keeps the hurry the F up pressure” on them to approve the warrant.

Four days later, on October 18, they were again emailing about an expedited warrant, this time for an operation related to Russia which they called ‘Dragon.’

Within weeks, politicians like Harry Reid, a democrat Senator from Nevada, were telling news agencies that there were ‘investigations’ into the Trump campaign that the FBI was withholding.

The day after Donald J. Trump won the presidency, beating Hillary Clinton handily, seemed to be a particularly busy day for the ‘counterintelligence’ bunch.

They engaged in a new ‘mission,’ handing around names to ‘scrub’ from reports, while also seeking derogatory information from CI’s, or confidential informants.

Suddenly, executive-level members of the bureau were doing the kind of work that was usually done by new agents.

This is just the information uncovered in the beginning stages of numerous investigations, however, and the first information turned over by the DOJ. Imagine what other information will be uncovered the further the investigations go?

Unlike the Mueller investigation, the investigation into actions of agents like Strzok and Page has already borne fruit. Only time will tell how far the investigation will go and what it will uncover.