PUBLISHED: 10:37 PM 23 Aug 2017

Melania Trump Goes PUBLIC On Chelsea Clinton As First Lady Shows True Class

The First Lady showed both class and poise as she thanked an unlikely supporter.

The First Lady showed both class and poise as she thanked an unlikely supporter.

The First Lady showed both class and poise as she thanked an unlikely supporter.

From the time that the Trump family moved into the White House, Melania Trump has done everything she could to protect the youngest member of the household. This has meant often keeping 11- year old Barron Trump out of the spotlight and delaying his move to Washington, DC until after the end of the school year. The goal for each of the First Lady’s plans for Barron has always been to protect him and maintain his ability to be a child. The public has not always understood this gentle push from Melania to put Barron first, but it seems she has gained an unlikely supporter.

After yet another attack on the little boy in the media, Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter in support of the little boy. She has a unique view since she also grew up at the White House. She understands the type of pressure Mrs. Trump has tried to shelter Barron from. Even though the Clinton family and the Trumps have had strained relationships recently, Melania reacted to the tweets with the class and dignity we expect from the First Lady.

The entire interaction between Chelsea and Melania started after a news source made fun of the way the little boy dressed. This type of attack was not unusual for mainstream media, they have also poked fun at the way the young boy interacted with the public and mocked several other aspects of his life. He was also thrust into the spotlight when the shocking image of his father being beheaded hit the local news. In the short time, his father has been in the White House, Barron has seen his share of personal attacks.

Entertainment writer Ford Springer wrote an article for the Daily Caller that called Barron Trump out once again. This time there was an issue with the way the little boy dressed. Instead of expecting him to appear like most other kids since he is only 11 years old, it seems this member of the press expected more. As his piece explained:

“The youngest Trump doesn’t have any responsibilities as the president’s son, but the least he could do is dress the part when he steps out in public.”

Barron Trump traveling with his parents.

Barron Trump was traveling with his parents.

Springer dedicated an entire article to the fact that he was not happy that Barron was not formally dressed. There are a series of pictures showing Barron traveling with his parents. President Trump is dressed in a suit as he often is. Mrs. Trump is dressed in what appears to be a high-end sundress on a warm evening. Springer seems obsessed with the idea that the young Trump is traveling in shorts, a vacation themed t-shirt and loafers. Spring goes on to say:

“Think about how many times your parents forced you to dress up when you were a kid for a special occasion. No matter how hard you resisted, it was inevitable, you weren’t leaving the house until you had your tie tied, your shirt tucked in nice and neat with your hair combed, and a blazer on.”

Social media erupted with many supporting the idea that this article went too far. No one would expect a child of Barron’s age to wear formal wear every time they left the house. In all reality, the White House is his home while his dad is in office.

One of the first to come to the defense of Barron was Chelsea Clinton. While in the past some of her tweets seemed to combine a bit of snippy opinion about the Trump policy with the support of Barron, this time it was all just helping this little boy. Her tweet simply stated:

“It’s high time the media & everyone leave Barron Trump alone & let him have the private childhood he deserves.”

Chelsea took things one step further in calling out the poor behavior of the media when she linked directly to the Springer article. There was no political agenda this time around. The last attack on Barron seemed to go too far even for those who are not the biggest fans of the Trump White House.

The support from Chelsea Clinton was recognized by Melania in the most touching and classy way possible. Instead of focusing on whatever past the two families had, Mrs. Trump reached out to Chelsea as any mother would. She echoed the call to leave Barron alone as she thanked Chelsea for her support. The tweet from Mrs. Trump read:

“Thank you @ChelseaClinton – so important to support all of our children in being themselves! #StopChildhoodBullying.”

Again Melania has shown her grace as First Lady and strength as the mother of Barron Trump. She has also demonstrated a high level of poise as she reached out to thank an unlikely supporter.