PUBLISHED: 10:56 PM 18 Jan 2018

Media Smack Down: Trump Award Site Crashes After Overwhelming Response To Lies

Bryan Zormeier by

President Trump has called the media on multiple occasions the enemy of the people. He announces the ten biggest lies perpetrated on the American people.

President Trump has called the media on multiple occasions the enemy of the people. He announces the ten biggest lies perpetrated on the American people.

We have been waiting with baited breath for the highly anticipated Fake News Awards. Late in the evening on Wednesday, the winners were announced. The unapologetic actions of the reporters have turned press pools and pundits into laughing stocks. An absurd amount of breaking stories have proven themselves to be misinterpretations or downright false.

At 90% negative coverage, the president names the top ten biggest blunders of the media covering his first year in office. After his initial tweet, the website went down. The amount of traffic seemed to have backed up the servers. Up or down, we have the list of the ten fakest news stories of 2017.

The first Fake News Award goes to contestant Paul Krugman of the New York Times. For his reporting on election night, Krugman is the first victim listed by the president. Following the amazing upset made by the president Krugman announced the economy would never recover. Starting below 18,000 points on election day, the DOW opened above 26,000 today. While it took Obama a year to move Wall Street from 14,000-15,000, the economy under President Trump took one week to transition from 24,000-25,000 points.

ABC’s Brian Ross is not one to be outdone. With a completely fabricated story about trump being investigated for ties to Russia, Ross single handedly sunk the stock market hundreds of points. After the report turned out to be false, the stock market began climbing again and ABC suspended the careless reporter.

CNN, the original fake news, takes the number three spot for their report about collusions between the Trump family and whistleblowing website Wikileaks. The news outlet announced Don Jr. had not only met with the Russian backed website but was given sensitive opposition research against Hillary Clinton. Despite being wrong on everything, they were right not to dispute the documents released by WikiLeaks.

TIME magazine slid onto the roster at number four because they could not hit a single fact in the next article. The media group had presented a story which claimed the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. was removed from the Oval Office.

Separating the bigly from the little league, at number five is Washington Post’s David Weigel. David had posted a picture to social media depicting a near empty stadium in Pensacola, Florida. Snapping the picture before the sold-out crowd was allowed thru the door, Weigel’s actions had, again, suspended him from the Washington Post for unethical conduct.

In one of the more bizarre pieces of propaganda, CNN edited a video of the president and Prime Minister Abe feeding fish. The renamed Very Fake News, showed a small clip of President Trump dumping fish food into a Koi pond. Nonstop news tried to paint him as ignorant and wasteful, but they forgot to show the beginning of the clip where the Prime Minister decides to toss his food into the water rather than use his feeding utensil.

Beating out most of the competition at number seven, CNN released an article so incorrect multiple people lost their jobs over it. During the exciting and flavor filled two weeks with Anthony Scaramucci acting as the head of communications, CNN ran with a story claiming the beloved ‘mucci’ had met with vile Russians. Scaramucci forced three reporters to resign from the media conglomerate.

Claiming the bronze medal of fake news, Newsweek hits the list with their story about Polish First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda. The news went into a frenzy after they heard the president did not shake her hand. “Wrong.”

President Trump meets and shakes hands with Poland’s First Lady.

CNN, with more fake news than competitors, gets a silver medal for their report on FBI investigations. CNN, quoting sources familiar with his thinking, asserted former FBI Director James Comey was going to reveal President Trump was really under investigation. Instead we found out Comey was a weasel who leaked a memo he let his deputy director, McCabe, draft in order to instigate a special council investigation.

The gold medal of fake news is given to The New York Times for their frontpage headlining story about the administration hiding a climate report.

The president went one further and named the trophy for the greatest hoax ever. The American people are suffering under the claims of the Russian collusion ruse. There were so many great things the media forgot to mention while they were screaming about Russia. Along with the fake news were ten of the most powerful actions taken by the president in his first year of office.

Since inauguration the economy has gained over $8 trillion in wealth and created 2 million new jobs. The black and Latino communities are experiencing the lowest rates of unemployment in American history. These achievements were made possible by the tax cuts and tax reform for working class Americans.

Helping corporate America, the president has exceeded his two for one regulation cutting plan and has cut on average 22 regulations for every one imposed. By cutting these regulations, the energy sector has exploded with oil pipelines, land auctions, coal booming and ANWR.

Keeping true to his promise to bombing ISIS out of existence in under one year, the middle east is now on the peak of freedom from the terrorist organization. In a step to peace in the middle east, President Trump has named Jerusalem as the capitol of Isreal and has instructed the embassy to be moved. In turn nations in the UN are getting less funding and members of NATO are being asked to pay their fair share.

The signing of the Veterans Accountability and Whistleblower Protections Act is a way to protect our veterans and fire employees who regularly abuse patients. One of the first and possibly greatest acts the president achieved while in office is the appointment of Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch. 

And Morning Joe, well… Joe is Joe.