Democrat Murder

PUBLISHED: 2:00 PM 20 Nov 2018
UPDATED: 7:40 PM 20 Nov 2018

Media Silent On Party As Democrat Arrested For Savage Murder

Almost no major media outlet reported that the man was a career democrat with a savage past.

Lance Mason only served nine months of a two-year prison sentence before he was welcomed back into power by Ohio democrats, and now he's been arrested for murdering the woman he savagely beat in front of their kids four years ago.

Lance Mason served as assistant minority whip in the Ohio legislature, a position he got after he’d served nine months in prison for savagely beating his estranged wife in front of their kids before being welcomed back into power by democrats.

Now, the career democrat has been arrested for murdering the same woman, but no media outlet seems interested in reporting his political affiliation.

He first assaulted his wife in 2014, while serving as a common pleas judge in Cuyahoga County.

According to reports, the beating was brutal.

Mason “punched his then-wife 20 times and slammed her head against the dashboard of his car five times, breaking her orbital bone.

“The couple’s children were in the back of the car when the attack occurred. Mason, who previously served in the state legislature, was a sitting Cuyahoga County judge when the attack happened.”

Now, he’s been arrested for “felonious assault for crashing into a police cruiser and injuring an officer while leaving the scene of the fatal stabbing.”

Despite briefly mentioning Mason had served in both the Ohio House and Senate, including a stint in leadership of the House Democrat caucus, these media reports fail to indicate his political party.

Why is that?

What would the headlines be if a republican had done such a disturbing act and hen been allowed back into politics after only serving less than half the time sentenced?

After serving only nine months of his two year prison sentence for assaulting his wife, “Mason was hired last year by Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson as minority business development administrator in the city’s Office of Equal Opportunity. He was fired from that job this past weekend after his arrest on murder charges.”

When the story of the murder went national, Mason’s deep roots in the Ohio Democrat Party were curiously missing.

Of course, the Cleveland Mayor has also gotten a free pass for welcoming a wife beater to such a position.

Mayor Jackson was unrepentant about hiring Mason following his domestic violence conviction and prison sentence. When asked by the local media about Mason’s hiring and whether he would stop hiring convicted abusers, Jackson said, “No, we’re not gonna say that.

“We’re gonna look at it as a policy. Our policy is second chances unless there is something that would prevent us from doing it. For example, you wouldn’t hire a convicted felon and put them around children. You wouldn’t hire an embezzler and put them in the finance department.”

Seriously, this is what he said.

What if a republican had something like this? What sort of protest, outrage, and sickening media coverage would there be?