PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 9 Nov 2020
UPDATED: 6:26 PM 9 Nov 2020

Media Mess Up! Real Time Feed Shows SCORECARD Switching 19,958 Votes From Trump To Biden

There is video of it happening in 2018 as well… giving credence to the fact that democrats cheated in that election too to take control of the House.

This also happened in 2018. (Source: No Apology Patriot Twitter Screenshot)

Legal experts have explained that President Trump’s litigation team has evidence Of The HAMMER and SCORECARD being used to cheat in the 2020 Presidential election, but there is also evidence that it occurred in 2018.

This demonstrates that democrats used the treasonous method to steal crucial House seats, and the fact that they used it to attempt to steal the White House in 2020 is documented.

This race is not over.

In fact, sources say that democrats are panicking. They know the American people can see what’s before their eyes, and are desperate to make them give up.

In this video, it’s easy to see SCORECARD working in real time:

Hammer and ScoreCard switched 19,958 votes live on TV from Trump to Biden in the Pennsylvania Presidential Race!

At the 00:04 mark, the video shows Trump 1,690,589 and Biden 1,252,537… then the video cycles through the other ‘crucial’ states of Wisconsin, Arizona and Michigan.

It returns to Pennsylvania at the 00:40 mark, and pay close attention here.

Trump somehow LOST votes, giving his total at 1,670,631, which is a loss of 19,958 votes!

At the same time, Biden picks up that EXACT amount, mysteriously gaining to 1,272,495.

Look closely.

In an election, votes are NEVER subtracted. The entire premise is to COUNT votes, adding to the totals.

Check this out… it happened in the crucial 2018 election cycle:

(These videos are long, but they explain the process and how it was used.)

Understand, many people believe that the President orchestrated a sting operation, knowing that democrats were going to steal and rig the outcome, based on the successes they had in 2018.

Other rumors suggest that there is something going on concerning the location of the press conference carried out by Rudy Giuliani this weekend in Pennsylvania.

The bottom line is: President Trump won the election… democrats have been caught cheating in massive ways, and are now desperate to claim a victory before the evidence can be shown to the American people.