Demented Biden Rant

PUBLISHED: 4:23 PM 11 Mar 2020

Media Defends Crazy Joe Biden’s Attack On Auto Worker, Calls It “Charming”

How many more of these ‘senior moments’ will the media defend?

These incidents are getting more and more frequent. (Source: GOP War Room YouTube Screenshot)

Yesterday, Joe Biden got into a shouting match with an auto worker in Michigan, getting in his face, pointing his finger, and cursing at the man over a question concerning the gun control agenda. Yet, rather than admit that Joe Biden’s mental prowess is all but non-existent, the many within the mainstream media defended his actions, calling it “charming.”

The Daily Caller reported:

The audio in the video is not clear, but at one point the former vice president can be heard yelling about “AR-14’s,” and telling a Michigan voter that he’s “full of shit.”

Joe Biden to Michigan voter: “You’re full of shit.”

— Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) March 10, 2020

“I support the 2nd Amendment,” Biden said. ” The 2nd Amendment, just like right now if you yell fire, that’s not free speech. I have a shotgun…my son’s hunt. I’m not taking your guns away at all.”

WATCH: Joe Biden calls a Detroit auto worker “a horse’s ass” after the voter confronted him over wanting to take away Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

— Trump War Room – Text EMPOWER to 88022 (@TrumpWarRoom) March 10, 2020

The Democratic presidential front-runner has made gun control a signature part of his campaign platform, and falsely claimed during a Democratic debate last month that 150 million people have been killed by guns in the past 13 years.

“One hundred fifty million people have been killed since 2007,” Biden said at the time. “More than all the wars, including Vietnam, from that point on. Carnage on our streets.”

Biden has also threatened gun manufacturers and pledged to ban AR-15’s and other types of firearms if he’s elected president.

“President Trump’s historic USMCA trade deal has delivered results for Michigan workers. In stark contrast, Joe Biden supported NAFTA, which sent over 300,000 jobs to other countries,” Tori Sachs, Executive Director of Michigan Rising Action told the Daily Caller. “It’s no surprise that Michigan workers support the person who fights for them.”

Conservative Treehouse reported:

When candidate Joe Biden was questioned by a Michigan auto worker today about his promise to take guns away and put Beto O’Rourke in charge of his gun confiscation program (both of which he did), Biden comes unglued and tells the Fiat Chrysler plant  worker “you’re full of shit.”

But it gets worse…

Joe Biden keeps poking his finger in the man’s face, the auto worker tells Biden “this is not ok”, waving off the finger. Then Biden threatens to “take this outside.”  Unreal, this candidate is very unstable.

The campaign team immediately realized things were spiraling out of control and took up positions to remove the candidate, but in such close quarters things didn’t work out well. Joe Biden’s unstable anger was very visible.

At one point, it looks as if Biden shushes his handler (a woman).

Newsbusters reported:

On CNN’s midday show Inside Politics, host John King previewed the clip by speaking in condescending terms about the autoworker who confronted Biden for siding with radical Beto O’Rourke on gun policy:

“This is why they have the term, ‘Reagan Democrats.’ You have, you know, white factory workers mostly white men who own guns, who think Democrats are going to take them away and Joe Biden today having one of those moments,” King stated before playing a clip of Biden calling that man a “horse’s a**” and saying he was “full of sh**” for saying Biden was trying to take away people’s guns. At the same time, Biden said he was going to take certain guns away.

After downplaying the interaction as Biden “defending his position on gun control” King seemed amused by the exchange and tried to spin Biden’s demeanor as “charming”:

Some people see that as charming that a candidate is willing to air it out face-to-face with a guy on the floor. Some people say, Woah, you can choose different words, couldn’t you?”

Washington Post White House reporter Toluse Olorunnipa was also grinning over the exchange. He also tried to spin it as part of Biden’s winning personality:

“I think for his campaign they pushed it out and said this shows Biden’s authenticity. The ‘no malarkey’ part of the Biden approach to politics. It is interesting to see these unscripted moments,” he began before adding that Biden was “very scripted” during his short stump speeches where he often makes “stumbles” that are seized on by his opponents.

As he veered into that negative territory, CNN commentator Jackie Kucinich immediately jumped in to cover for Biden. “Though I don’t think that hurts Joe Biden,” she said while shaking her head vehemently. “That shows him pushing back on an issue that is a significant issue,” she gushed.

The rest of the panel continued to defend Biden instead of fact-check him as they went to break. “Probably not a Biden voter there, any way,” senior White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny stated.

“Seriously,” Kucinich said dismissively. King also downplayed the incident. “Didn’t appear to be a Sanders or a Biden voter,” he agreed.