DOJ Probes Obama

PUBLISHED: 4:44 PM 21 May 2018

Media, Deep State Frantic As DOJ Responds To Trump Investigation Demand

Hours after the president tweeted his demand for an investigation, Rosenstein agreed to have the IG investigate Obama’s ‘inappropriate’ action.

The media, the deep state, and the left are panicking as the Department of Justice proclaimed that they would investigate malfeasance and corruption concerning spying on the Trump campaign.

In the last few weeks, it has become more and more apparent that there was some amount of government involvement in targeting Donald J. Trump, and his presidential campaign, going back as far as 2016. However, after shocking revelations that a Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation informant may have spied on his campaign, the President had enough, and demanded an investigation into government spying on his presidential campaign.

Now the media, the deep state, and even the Democrat Party are frantically trying to find cover as the Inspector General promised to begin an investigation into ‘improper’ or ‘politically motivated’ acts by the Obama administration. These guilty players are trying to focus on Trump’s unprecedented demand, rather than the fact that democrat illegal actions (not to mention the FBI and the CIA) required such a demand.

On Sunday, President Trump tweeted a message, demanding that the Department of Justice review whether or not the FBI and the DOJ infiltrated or investigated his campaign for political reasons.

He also demanded to know if Barack Obama, or anyone in his administration, had a hand in the planning or execution of such surveillance.

Shortly after his tweet on Sunday, Rod Rosenstein asked Inspector General Michael Horowitz to broaden his probe into the basis for wiretapping Donald Trump’s campaign members in the run-up to the election in 2016, and any inappropriate action that led to the investigation and surveillance of the campaign.

Horowitz has been investigating whether or not Barack Obama-era DOJ and FBI officials abused their power and positions for political purpose by using an unconfirmed political dossier as the basis for FISA court warrants to investigate Carter Page.

The dossier was a political hit piece, written by former British spy Christopher Steele. It was funded by the Democrat Party, and its claims were almost entirely unverified.

The Inspector General said that he will look at claims that the Obama administration abused their power, as well as records of discussions with Steele.

President Trump said that the only thing that will answer the question about what could be one of the most stunning examples of political corruption since Watergate is the documents Devin Nunes, a republican Congressman, has demanded from the Department of Justice in his capacity as head of the House Intelligence Committee.

Despite recent revelations, democrat Adam Schiff, a Congressman from California, called the President’s claims “nonsense.” Instead, Schiff claimed that continued investigation into what appears to be a massive democrat corruption case is an abuse of power, and that the President is trying to “distract” from his “growing legal problems.”

The democrat congressman’s claims seem ridiculous considering that the ‘special investigation’ into alleged Russian collusion is falling apart.

The investigation didn’t even meet basic evidentiary standards, and seemingly handed out the majority of its indictments as a PR stunt, hoping they would never be challenged in court.

Last week, the New York Times, a newspaper not known for its affection for the current president, broke the story of an operation at the FBI known as ‘Crossfire Hurricane.’

That operation, which began ‘days’ after Hillary Clinton’s email server investigation ended, apparently involved the attempt to insert a spy into the Trump campaign.

The spy, Stefan Halper, repeatedly attempted to become part of the campaign, and also made numerous contacts with high-ranking members of the group.

Given the lack of evidence that came from the spying (and from the Robert Mueller investigation), it seems fairly safe to say that the investigation was baseless.

There have been NO charges related to Russian collusion for ANY member of the Donald Trump administration.

Thus far, the only serious charges have concerned hiding income and failing to register as a lobbying agent of a foreign power. This, along with the actions of Andrew McCabe, James Comey, and John Brennan, suggests that the Obama administration was simply targeting a political rival without cause.

That’s a terrifying thing, if it is true.

The idea that the government would wantonly spy on a political rival seems like the kind of thing one would find in communist or fascist nations, not in the United States of America.

Dictators spy on political rivals, and sometimes even arrest them before they can stand for election. That’s what happened in Venezuela, in Cuba, in China, and in a long list of similar nations.

At this point, it’s hard to tell what the basis for Halper’s attempted infiltration of the campaign could have been.

It is interesting to see that many Obama appointees, like Tommy Vietor (a former Obama spokesman), are coming out of the woodwork to declare an investigation into the questionable conduct “politicized.”

It certainly creates the appearance of impropriety, something that much of Obama’s presidency suffered from.

Currently, the last administration’s actions are under multiple investigations, including an investigation into why Hillary Clinton was never charged for the crime she committed by removing classified information and storing it on a private email server.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of these investigations. It may well indicate a pattern of lawlessness stretching back nearly a decade.