Mueller Readies Evidence

PUBLISHED: 3:07 PM 17 Oct 2018

Media Claims Mueller’s Ready To Deliver ‘Key Findings’

Mueller is constrained by Department of Justice guidelines, but many people wonder when guidelines or real evidence has mattered to the special investigation.

Eric Dubelier, lawyer for Concord Management and Consulting, is arguing that Robert Mueller is changing the rules of the Justice system to keep millions of pages of discovery documents, including a nude selfie, secret from the defendant.

Robert Mueller is expected to issue ‘key findings’ in the Russia probe (aka witch hunt) after the November midterm elections. According to two unnamed ‘U.S. officials,’ Mueller is supposedly close to issuing decisions on ‘collusion,’ and ‘obstruction of justice’ allegations against the President.

Nowhere in the Bloomberg story was it reported that the wire-tapping and other FISA warrants issued against Trump campaign workers were obtained under false pretenses. In fact, the entire shady activity of the Obama administration was curiously missing.

Many experts have argued that there is absolutely no evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice… at least on President Trump’s side.

Americans have learned that the DNC and Hillary Clinton paid to have a salacious dossier developed against Trump during the campaign, that Andrew McCabe may have been the source of the illegal leak against General Flynn, that Nellie Ohr and Bruce Ohr were working with Fusion GPS, that the FBI was leaking ‘information’ to the media and then using those ‘stories’ to obtain FISA warrants, and that the FBI and Justice Department deliberately covered up intel that would have nullified the supposed ‘information’ delivered by the Australian government against Carter Page.

Most Americans believe that collusion and obstruction are evident… but they were conducted by the Obama administration to benefit Hillary Clinton.

Mueller will have the ability to keep his findings a secret. In fact, the ‘regulations’ concerning the investigation stipulate that he can only give them to his superior, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein can then decide what to ‘release’ to the public.

Of course, he has been less than willing to deliver evidence to the House Committee that is probing the Obama administration’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s crimes, so many people wonder what, if anything, will be reported.

Bloomberg writes, “With three weeks to go before the midterm elections, it’s unlikely Mueller will take any overt action that could be turned into a campaign issue. Justice Department guidelines say prosecutors should avoid any major steps close to an election that could be seen as influencing the outcome.”

Adding, “At the same time, Mueller is tying down some loose ends. Four of his 17 prosecutors have left the special counsel’s office in recent months. Three are going back to their previous Justice Department jobs, and the fourth has become a research fellow at Columbia Law School.”

Just what these findings will deliver is anyone’s guess.

Some conservatives speculate that Robert Mueller’s special investigation will have fabricated something… anything, to validate his massive waste of time and taxpayer dollars, while others believe that it will be a big nothing-burger.