Flynn Bombshell Lie

PUBLISHED: 6:32 PM 5 Dec 2018

Media Claims Flynn ‘Bombshell,’ Truth Doesn’t Fit Narrative

Leftist media outlets are running with the fact that the Flynn memo is a smoking gun against the president, but the fact is that’s it’s nothing, absolutely nothing.

The Flynn sentencing memo is not what many news outlets are claiming. Rather than a bombshell, it's a dud.

Countless leftist media outlets are running with the narrative that the sentencing memo filed by Robert Mueller against Michael Flynn is some sort of smoking gun against President Trump.

But, the truth of the matter is that the memo actually clears the president even further, and the ‘first-hand’ information about the transition team is nothing more than hype, regarding any collusion.

Flynn was, for a few short weeks, a member of Donald Trump’s transition team, the group of people who handle a transfer of power from the previous administration to the new.

The sentencing memo for Flynn, which doesn’t recommend incarceration, does not implicate the president in any wrongdoing whatsoever.

Fox News reported, “The memo isn’t a ‘smoking gun’ showing President Trump colluded with Russians to win the 2016 presidential election or did anything else illegal. In fact, the memo isn’t even a squirt gun. In terms of President Trump’s conduct, it amounts to nothing of any significance.”

Mueller’s nothing burger stated, “Given the defendant’s substantial assistance and other considerations set forth below, a sentence at the low end of the guideline range – including a sentence that does not impose a term of incarceration – is appropriate and warranted.”

In the heavily retracted document though, the mainstream media is deliberately ignoring the key facts.

There is absolutely nothing to indicate that Trump conspired or colluded with Russia to win the election—which is supposed to be what Mueller’s investigating—in fact, it involves the time after the president was already elected.

“Flynn, who succumbed to Mueller’s intense pressure by pleading guilty to making a false statement to the FBI with regard to his communications with Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak, has cooperated with the special counsel’s investigation into alleged Trump-Russia collusion to avoid a long prison sentence.”

“Flynn and Kislyak allegedly spoke in late 2016 about the U.S. sanctions the Obama administration had placed on Russia. Flynn was fired on Feb. 13, 2017, for misleading Vice President Mike Pence and other Trump administration officials about his talks with Kislyak.

“Flynn also admitted to making false statements about his work as an unregistered foreign agent to benefit the Turkish government. But there is no connection between that work and President Trump.”

In addition, “since Mueller is moving ahead with sentencing, he will not be using Flynn as a witness. This indicates that Flynn has nothing of significance that would be useful in any potential prosecution.”

“Flynn should never have been prosecuted. The FBI agents who interviewed him concluded that he was telling the truth.

“This was confirmed by both former FBI Director James Comey and his deputy, Andrew McCabe, when they testified before congressional investigators. Had Mueller been forced to prove his case in court, he would have lost.”

President Trump’s attorney Rudolph Giuliani told Fox News on Tuesday night that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had admitted to offenses comparable to “spitting on the sidewalk” and that Mueller’s team is “overzealous media-inspired prosecutors.”

“They are sick puppies,” said Giuliani, who added, “This whole thing started as an orchestrated attempt to take the president out of office as an insurance policy.”

It looks like he’s absolutely right.

However, that hasn’t stopped the alphabet networks from running with their insinuated lies.